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In-Season, Block 8, Day 4

Following two pretty tough days, we’re due for something light. Especially at this time of the season, when you’re putting in hard hours over the weekend, the weekdays should be a little more manageable. If

In-Season, Block 8, Day 3

Today is a high-intensity training session. Light and fast is the focus. If you have easy access to the trails, then that is best but running is still an excellent substitute. 60-90 minute ruck with

In-Season, Block 8, Day 2

Our gym sessions will always start with some restoration work. The most significant focus here is making sure that the hips are moving through a full range of motion and doing so with good movement

In-Season, Block 8, Day 1

Rest Day. As many of you are out, putting on hard miles over the weekend, Monday will be a universal Rest Day. All training programs will have variations in volume and intensity throughout the week.

In-Season, Block 7, Day 7

Sunday is test day. 2+ hour ruck with full pack weight, difficult terrain What you do and how you do it depends on where you are in your training. If you’re casual and a couple

In-Season, Block 7, Day 6

Saturday training is about feeling weight on the body. If you’re just getting going with our program then you may not have had your pack on yet this year. Before you try and pack 100-pounds

In-Season, Block 7, Day 5

Today starts off with some upper body restoration work. If you’re training hard and getting after it on the weekends then you need to be prioritizing your prehab and rehab work. Though it can sometimes

In-Season, Block 7, Day 4

Today is either active recovery or rest. There is no excuse not to do something that will move the needle. Walk, light hike, stretch/yoga, or treatment like massage. Make sure you are taking your recovery

In-Season, Block 7, Day 3

Wednesdays are for speed work. We want light weights, a high level of difficulty, and a shorter duration. If you’re not close to the trails, then hit up this interval run that can be done

In-Season, Block 7, Day 2

Today’s workout is short and sweet. We are starting with a bit of restoration work to keep that lower body healthy and then following it up with the “King of Lifts” and a quick couplet