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In-Season, Block 5, Day 6

If Wednesday was a technique day, then today is a heavy day. The goal is to feel the weight of your back and condition your mind and your body to how that feels. Tomorrow is

In-Season, Block 5, Day 5

Time in the gym is valuable right now. We need to make sure it’s efficient and succinct. Today’s training hits all the important parts of an upper-body and core workout, leaving no stone left unturned.

In-Season, Block 5, Day 3

Think of Wednesdays as a technique day. You want to get out and explore some really difficult terrain but keep the stakes small. No need to carry a super heavy pack or go until you

In-Season, Block 5, Day 2

Today’s workout starts with the RDL which is a hip hinge movement. Hip hinge will be important for strength when you’re powering up those steep slopes. On your way down, you’ll benefit from the narrow

In-Season, Block 5, Day 1

Rest Day. Today is meant to be a full and true rest day. If you hit yesterday with the required intensity then you should need it. Feel free to engage in some light stretching or

In-Season, Block 4, Day 7

Depending where you are relative to your next hunt will determine what this day looks like. If you’re heading out tomorrow for 10 days, keep it short and feel your body out. If you have

In-Season, Block 4, Day 6

The most important thing about today is getting some weight on the body. Whatever you MIGHT have to carry on your hunt, you should have at least felt that weight at some point in training.

In-Season, Block 4, Day 5

Today’s workout is simple. Hit some heavy barbell, accumulate a bit of volume on the entire body and rest up for the weekend. If you’ve been following along, you know that the program is intended

In-Season, Block 4, Day 4

Today we are focused on recovery. You can use any recovery modality you like. Walking is free and accessible to everyone. Getting extra steps in is always a benefit and the improvements in health are