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EP 459 Hard Yards Podcast – The Fable of the Tight Hamstring

For years, good hard working people have been told their hamstrings are tight and are given stretches. Rarely do we see that make a lasting difference…why is that?

EP458: Drag ‘Em Out Whole with Curt & Devin Gassoff

Nolan sits down with Curt & Devin Gassoff of the Come Out Heavy Podcast . If you’re not familiar, the Come Out Heavy boys don’t mince their words. Curt & Devin grew up in the tradition

EP457: Hard Yards Podcast – Calves tighter than a snare drum after running?

This is the fun time of year when we transition into the outdoors and start to push our aerobic capacity. For many of us, that means running or higher-intensity hiking. If your calves are a

EP456: Sponsorships, Gear, and Embracing the Process with Brad Brooks of ARGALI

On this episode, Adam visits with Brad Brooks from ARGALI to discuss a wide swath of topics. From the state of marketing, sponsorships, and influencer culture in the hunting space, to ARGALI’s new gear offerings for 2023,

EP455: Hard Yards Podcast – The Bottom Two Cans of the Six Pack

As we head into spring we should be dialing back our strength focused workouts and starting to run or hike more. With this, low back pain can be a common symptom. The lower abdominals are

EP454: Alaska’s Mountain Goats with Adam Smith & Kyle Virgin

On this episode, Nolan sits down with Adam Smith & Kyle Virgin to discuss Adam’s recent push for a nanny closure in his home zone in Alaska, as well as some of the conservation issues

EP453: Hard Yards Podcast – Prevent Injuries By Cooling Down After Shooting Your Bow

One of the issues that plagues bowhunters is pain in and around the shoulder after taking some time off over the winter. Starting the year with a shoulder injury is obviously not ideal. Wardo provides

EP452: Honing the Craft, with Matt Ward

In this episode, Nolan talks with Matt Ward or Wardo as the listeners may know him. Matt is the host of the Hard Yards Podcast under the BTK network, formerly Quick & Dirty with Wardo.

EP451: Hard Yards Podcast (HYP) with Wardo – New Name & New Vision

The time has come for Wardo’s show to morph into something more. Quick and Dirty is now the Hard Yards Podcast. If you’ve been a Q&D regular, you will continue to find the show where

The Solstice Billy and la Machorra… By Alexander Sharif

Watching how mountain hunting opportunities have been constantly shrinking around the globe, I have concluded that the time is NOW to take advantage of what is still out there before it all evaporates into thin