Beyond The Kill - Episode VI


Subconcious Stirrings: Alaskan Moose, By Max Beitzel

A familiar hum filled the air, a comforting reminder that we were only a Super Cub ride away from civilization. But this time was different- the small passenger plane had likely taken off from the small town airport less than 5 miles away from my residence. It has been three weeks now since I have heard that reassuring sound fill the valley floor surrounding our moose camp.

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Hunting Urials in the Land of the Lion and the Sun pt I, by Dr. Afshin Mofid

I still remember the day I saw the picture. It was in an old copy of a hunting magazine. I was 12, and the instant I saw it, I was fascinated by the curve of the ram's horn. There was Mr. Riahi, the head of the Iranian game department posing next to a giant Urial ram.

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