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In-Season, Block 7, Day 3

Wednesdays are for speed work. We want light weights, a high level of difficulty, and a shorter duration. If you're not close to the trails, then hit up this interval run that can be done right from the house. No excuses. 60-90 minute ruck with 25% pack weight,...

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In-Season, Block 7, Day 2

Today's workout is short and sweet. We are starting with a bit of restoration work to keep that lower body healthy and then following it up with the "King of Lifts" and a quick couplet to finish things off. 3 rounds, for quality: 10 reps per side, T-hip rotation 10...

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In-Season, Block 7, Day 1

Rest Day We are seeing lots of success stories coming in from our blog followers. Thank you all for sharing those with us! Today you should be resting up and refocussing mentally. Whether you're back from a long one or just a couple afternoons scouting cams, make...

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In-Season, Block 6, Day 7

Sunday is test day. It's not always easy to know how hard to push these days. Everyone has a different schedule and a different history with training and competing. You can use this day to test your limits or to sharpen your skills the week before or a few days...

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In-Season, Block 6, Day 6

Today is like dipping your toes in the pool before you jump in. You want to know how the body will respond to some heavier loads on it so we're doing an easy route but full pack weight. Tomorrow will see difficult terrain and full pack so make sure today is all...

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In-Season, Block 6, Day 5

Back strength is invaluable for the loads your body will take on tough pack-outs. Knowing that your upper body is strong enough to hike with weight for a long time is crucial to success, both mental and physical. Today we're hitting the barbell bent over row. 6-8...

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In-Season, Block 6, Day 4

Today is a restoration day. You can do a light hike or walk or practice some stretching or get a massage. Focus on moving the body and rebuilding. 30-60 minutes walk or hike with no weight, easy terrain OR Rest

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In-Season, Block 6, Day 3

I want to see some intensity in your training today. We have a lighter day but it should be fast and furious. If you can't make it to the trails then I have some intervals that will be a fine stand-in. 60-90 minute ruck with 25% pack weight, difficult terrain Or 5...

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In-Season, Block 6, Day 2

Bulgarian split squats might be the best bang-for-your-buck functional exercise. They are low risk, build HUGE levels of lower-body strength, and almost anybody can do them. Today we are hitting sets of 6-8 which is great for maintenance and developing the movement...

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In-Season, Block 6, Day 1

We are almost into moose and whitetail season here in BC which means that a lot of you will be getting out for more weekend and day hunts. If you're still hitting week-long adventures then stay on the program and work HARD in the lead-up to your hunt. If you're...


Pro Tips

Training For The Hunt by John Warren

The current trend in hunting places a significant emphasis on preparation, but this often stops at the body and gear. Many apps and programs are geared toward preparing the body for the rigors of mountain hunting. Fitness is a significant determiner of success. The...

Pro Tips

Caping 101, by Ray Wiens

One of the biggest challenges for many hunters is dealing with the skinning and preservation of capes, especially on an extended backcountry hunt. We are more often than not required ...