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Alignment, By Brandon Purcell

As many guides know it is hard to find a balance between work and play. The season is only so long, and sacrificing a week or two for some personal time in the field can be a difficult decision financially speaking. Last season, I managed to take off a few weeks at the end of the rifle season here in Montana as I had some new guiding opportunities open up in Sonora, Mexico that would make up for the lost wages. To be honest, I needed the break, and was excited to get some personal time on the mountain, to hunt how and where I wanted, and not be held back by anything or anyone.

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The Chilcotin, By Peter Gutsche

The view was breathtakingly beautiful as the stunted trees finally gave way to meadows and rocks, but what I remember even more vividly from my first moments in the alpine was the smell. It was some glorious mixture of spruce and pine with various mountain flowers, I wish I could have bottled it up to bring home to Mom. To this day I can still close my eyes, inhale and bring myself right back to that moment almost twenty years ago. It is just one of the many reasons I keep coming back. Earlier in the year, my Dad bought four old horses from the local outfitter and my brother Carl and I were beyond excited to learn as much as we could in the month leading up to our first hunt with them; mule deer and mountain goat in the spectacular Chilcotin region of British Columbia.

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Episode 107: Setting the FOC-ing Record Straight with Dr. Ed Ashby

On this show, Adam is joined by Dr. Ed Ashby, the man responsible for bringing FOC into the modern bowhunting vocabulary, and Garrett Schlief, the President of Grizzly Stik. If you’re a bowhunter, you will not want to miss this episode. Dr. Ashby shares the history and results of his incomparable research into terminal arrow performance, and sets the record straight on what you need to focus on when considering a move to a high-FOC or ultra-FOC arrows for your bowhunting needs.

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Sealing the Deal, By Clint Casper

As I stood motionless like a soldier in the lineup waiting for the sun to paint its beautiful morning picture in the Virgin morning sky, I listened carefully to the deep, throaty bugles off in the distance. The New Mexico mountains had captivated me and my drive to kill a good bull elk in these mountains was indescribable with words. My mind was made up that I was not driving all the way back to Ohio empty-handed, my Gold Tip arrow was going to get bloody and my tag would be punched.

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Reflections: A Caribou Hunt, By Scott Keim

It was September, and the mountains stood perfectly calm around us. The silence broken only by the intermittent croak of a ptarmigan. A ceiling of light clouds hovered above us in the brisk morning air. As I rolled up the tent, I continued to take stock of our surroundings. The snow that had welcomed us three days prior had receded generously toward the peaks. I shifted my vision to the east just in time to catch Emery emerging out of the narrow creek valley with a full bottle of water in each fist.

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Episode 106: The Future of Hunting Media with Randy Newberg

There have never been more questions surrounding the future of the media business and Adam and Randy spend most of the episode exploring precisely this topic.

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Episode 105: The Gloves Are Coming Off with Gray Thornton

On this show, Adam is joined by the President & CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation, Gray Thornton. Adam and Gray spend the bulk of this episode covering two critically important subjects: the importance of high-value auction tags and the ever evolving wild-domestic disease transfer issue.

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Episode 104: Haida Gwaii Surf & Turf Trip Recap with Steven Drake

On this show, Adam is joined by Steven Drake to recap his recent trip to the islands of Haida Gwaii to chase Sitka blacktails. This was not your average blacktail hunt! Drake, Connor Gabbott, and one of Connor’s good friends took advantage of the unique hunting opportunities on this remote archipelago, and put together one of the best surf and turf hunting trips we’ve ever seen or heard of. This was a true sea to summit adventure.

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Strength Standards for the Backcountry, By Bert Sorin

I know there are many in the hunting community that scoff at the idea of “training to hunt”, that think you can get by on grit alone. And for some, this may be the case. For a limited time. But at some point, age, injury or sheer difficulty will stop those people in their tracks. If you’re like me, and consider physical training to be as integral to your hunting plans as shooting your rifle or bow, how should you spend your limited training time?

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