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Episode 113: Inside Modern Huntsman

On this show, Adam is joined by Brad Neathery, Tyler Sharp, and Charles Post, the men behind Modern Huntsman. Through their publication and platform, they have taken it upon themselves to focus on both the non-hunting public and the dyed in the wool hunting community. This is no small task.

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A Modern Ethic, by Karl Blattmann

I was once vegan, and now fill my freezers with the spoils of our hunts. When people hear that I previously (attempted to) make my own tofu, and now proudly hang trophies throughout my house, they are usually dumbfounded. You, my dear reader, are likely having a similar reaction. In this article, I hope to show you that my former and current lifestyles are far less contradictory than you might presume. Further, I will argue that despite our many differences, the time has come for those who profess to care deeply for the flora and fauna of this planet to band together on what common ground is shared rather than emphasizing and disputing the morals and ethics of our seemingly opposed world views. It is important to note that these are my own personal views and not those of any organization or group with which I am associated.

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Episode 112: Pre-Tajikistan Shooting Preparation

On this show, Adam is joined by John Warren of Leupold. Adam and John recorded this conversation on location in Oregon after a full-day on the range at the Leupold Optics Academy (LOA). Many hunters spend the bulk of their time practicing under ideal range conditions but, as we all know, you don’t always get the perfect shot opportunity in the field. So, with his Tajikistan ibex hunt looming, Adam wanted to take his marksmanship to the next level. John took Adam through a series of drills and instruction focused on field-applicable shooting positions and the mindset required to make the most of any shot opportunity that might present itself. This is what you’ll hear about in this episode. John is a wealth of knowledge and brings a unique perspective to the skills and mindset required to excel under any conditions and circumstances. Regardless of whether you carry a rifle or bow afield, there are key takeaways for all hunters in this episode.

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How to Avoid “The Bonk” on Extended Backcountry Hunts, by Dustin Diefenderfer

MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab located in Bozeman, MT, has established itself as the elite source for improving mental toughness, physical preparation, and performance research for the backcountry hunter.  They have assembled an impressive team for this task, including Alex Fichtler (Former US Navy SEAL), Ara Megerdichian (US Army Ranger, Lieutenant Colonel and former West Point Instructor), and Jimmy Alsobrook (Mountain Training Legend & National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer). 

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Recoil Management by Caylen Wojcik

If you’ve been shooting long enough, you’ve seen someone get kissed in the forehead by a recoiling rifle scope, or maybe it’s even happened to you. There are a few factors that lead to this unfortunate and totally unnecessary incident. Improper rifle setup and improper eye-relief come to mind immediately. But, in my professional experience, the bigger culprit is almost always improper recoil management, which is a direct result of not learning and applying the fundamentals of marksmanship properly.

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Persistence vs Insanity by Steve Opat

There’s a spectrum of approaches when it comes to achieving your goals. One end of the spectrum is defined by deliberate practice so you continually improve until the goal can no longer avoid you. The other end involves banging your head against a wall. These two goal posts can be labeled Persistence and Insanity -  there’s often a very hazy line separating them.

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Episode 111: Age Defying Fitness with Craig Marker

On this show, Adam is joined by Craig Marker, Ph.D., of StrongFirst. If you’re a long-time listener, you’ll likely recognize that organization’s name as they are, in our opinion, the best source of strength and conditioning research, education, and programming in the world today. Especially as it relates to those training for real-world applications. But this episode is about far more than preparing for the backcountry. The methods, tools and programming covered are applicable to anyone that struggles to find the balance between work, home, and staying fit for whatever goals one may choose to pursue. In short, this episode is about training smarter, not harder. At any age.

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Episode 110: This Might Be the Episode of the Year

On this show, Adam is joined by Jared Frasier, the Executive Director of 2% For Conservation, an organization that is serving a critical role in today’s conservation landscape. This is our longest episode to date…for good reason! Jared is one of the most insightful and outspoken guests we’ve ever had on the show, and this one’s an absolute MUST-LISTEN. Even if that means chopping it up into smaller chunks.

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Episode 109: Big Fish with an Even Bigger Impact

On this episode, Adam sits down on the banks of the Fraser River with three guys from the Wild Sheep Society of BC on day two of the Jurassic Classic fishing tournament. If you’re a diehard listener, you should be familiar with what the Jurassic Classic is, and more importantly, how it benefits wild sheep conservation projects in BC. If you’ve missed the past episodes where this event was discussed, you’ll want to tune in and hear how this unique event puts money on the ground where it matters most.

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Episode 108: The Evolution of a Hunter with Connor Gabbott

On this show, Adam is joined by his good friend and colleague, Connor Gabbott. Connor is one of the men behind the curtain at the JOMH and one hell of a talented dude when it comes to running a camera and telling stories through visual mediums. A chef by trade, after 20 years in the restaurant business, he has finally made the leap into the film and photography field full-time.

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Breathing to Improve Performance and Accuracy, By John Warren

Imagine if the key to success in the mountains is your lungs. Simple enough, right? Breath work is an overlooked fundamental skill when it comes to shooting. Unfortunately, “Break the trigger at the natural respiratory pause” is about as in-depth as people go. At 10,000 feet of elevation with a small house on your back, those natural respiratory pauses are about as short as a tinder fling.

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