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The Solstice Billy and la Machorra… By Alexander Sharif

Watching how mountain hunting opportunities have been constantly shrinking around the globe, I have concluded that the time is NOW to take advantage of what is still out there before it all evaporates into thin

The Sacrificial Ram, By Alexander Sharif

As I do on all my non-North American mountain hunts, I dedicate a fair amount of time to studying the animal’s taxonomy, behavior, maturity recognition, hunting style, and the terrain. For the Aoudad, let me

EP 415: What Mountain Caribou Dreams Are Made Of…

On this episode, Adam is joined yet again by Tanner from Frontiersmen Gear to discuss his exciting new film project and hear the story from his recent Mountain Caribou hunt in a highly coveted limited-entry unit in

EP 413: Three Bulls In Three Weeks

On this episode, Adam, Big T, and newcomer “Karaoke Chris” share some laughs, stories, and insights from their elk hunts this past September.

EP 403: 2022 Stone’s Sheep Hunt Hot Wash

On this episode, Adam and Wardo recount the story of their August 2022 Stone’s sheep hunt in Northern BC.

EP 388: Haida Gwaii Hot Wash with Wardo

In this episode, Adam gets the full scoop on Wardo’s recent trip to Haida Gwaii to chase Sitka Blacktails and fish for salmon and halibut. With tons of opportunities and more than a few lessons

A Mixed Bag of Adventure, by Justin Cotton

The wind roared across the alpine lake as my dad carefully loaded his small raft with gear. Nearby, I did the same with my sixteen-foot canoe. Soon we would be paddling down a chain of

Subconcious Stirrings: Alaskan Moose, By Max Beitzel

A familiar hum filled the air, a comforting reminder that we were only a Super Cub ride away from civilization. But this time was different- the small passenger plane had likely taken off from the

In the Beginning: Kodiak Pt II, by Adam A. Smith

Day Five: Moving Day That night we slept PHENOMENALLY. We woke up just before 0900 the next day. We had zero inclination (initially) on going up the hill until the following day. We had planned

In the Beginning: Kodiak, by Adam A. Smith

The following is the story of how mountain hunting became my passion. My first backcountry hunt, and many lessons learned. I stumbled upon this story which I wrote years ago and thought in the midst