Beyond the Kill Podcast | Journal of Mountain Hunting

Mountain Made with CANIS: EP02 – A Deep Dive Into Rain Gear (Part Two)

In this episode, we pick up where we left off in the first episode, continuing to uncover the fundamental truths, functionality and technical aspects of fabrics and design as it relates to rain gear. Marcel

Mountain Made with CANIS: EP01 – A Deep Dive Into Rain Gear

Welcome to a new, six-part limited series called Mountain Made with CANIS. In this educational series, we’ll uncover the fundamental truths, functionality and technical aspects of fabrics and design by going in-depth with Marcel Geser, co-founder

EP484: The State of the Wild Sheep Union with Keith Balfourd of WSF

On this episode, Adam visits with Keith Balfourd of WSF to discuss the latest news and challenges the WSF family is focused on. From fundraising to critical projects, upcoming events, and where sheep hunt prices

EP483: Hard Yards Podcast – The Final Weeks Before a Sheep Hunt

Wardo covers what to focus on in the final weeks leading up to your sheep hunt. After months of clanging the iron around it’s time to see how much that has benefitted you with some

EP482: Spike Camp with Chuck Peeling

On this episode, Adam hosts Chuck Peeling, co-founder of the new Spike Camp platform, and an avid BC hunter and conservationist. It used to be that most hunters grew up in a hunting family, where

EP481: Hard Yards Podcast – Home Care for Shoulders, Low-Back, Knees, and Ankles

Wardo is back with another episode dedicated to helping you manage pain/soreness and keep training. Foam rolling isn’t the end all be all but it can be a great tool to keep you moving with

EP480: Aero Precision & Playing Around with John Warren

Adam visits with an old friend and past guest, John Warren, a former sniper, and Product Development Manager at Aero Precision, where he has been one of the key team members behind Aero’s move into

EP479: Hard Yards Podcast – Does It Burn When You…Hike?

If you start hiking and get a brutal low-back pump or burn, it can derail your training and left unchecked, maybe even ruin your hunt, especially if you’re out there for days on end. Wardo

EP478: Big News and Big Rants with Big T

On this episode, Adam visits with regular guest Tanner Dannish, aka Big T, to talk about some exciting developments for Frontiersmen Gear and their customers, as well as his plans to take the company to

EP477: Hard Yards Podcast – Shoulder Pain? Gotta Figure Out Whether It’s Mobility or Stability Behind the Pain (Part 2)

The age old question of whether you have a mobility or stability problem. In simple terms, this questions means, should you stretch or strengthen? Well the answer is usually both, but Wardo goes over some