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Ibex Shooting In The Thian Shan Mountains, By George L. Harrison Jr.

www.historyofhunting.com In the late winter of 1908, Chew and I decided on a shooting trip in the following summer to the Thian Shan Mountains, in Chinese Turkestan, where we knew there were many ibex—carrying the

The Ultimate Mountain and Wilderness Expedition Vehicle? AEV’S Brute Double Cab

www.aev-conversions.com There’s no question that if we could hunt remote fly-in, float-in or pack-in locations all season every year each and every one of us would.  But at the end of the day, that’s just

An Interview with Kenton Carruth, Owner and Co-Founder of First Lite

www.firstlite.com Wool has been a staple of the outdoor adventurer’s kit for millennia, first worn by our primal ancestors in the form of woolly skins from the wild sheep they killed for food. Nature’s true

A Good December, By Charles E. Erickson, Jr.

For several years, I had been helping a friend of mine by the name of Mick Holder with cow work and such on his ranch in Gila County, near Globe, Arizona. I have been in