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Training For The Hunt by John Warren

The current trend in hunting places a significant emphasis on preparation, but this often stops at the body and gear. Many apps and programs are geared toward preparing the body for the rigors of mountain

EP 405: Hunting Elk Pockets in Tight Timber with Tanner Dannish of Frontiersmen Gear (Repost)

On this episode, Adam visits with Tanner Dannish of Frontiersmen Gear to talk elk hunting and the strategies and tactics he’s used for consistent success over the years.

EP 404: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Hydration…Time To Get Salty

Wardo covers the basic science of hydration and why electrolytes matter and then provides some tips on how to hydrate in the field so you can hunt hard day in and day out, regardless of

EP 402: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Do you pronate? You Better For The Sake Of Your Knees

Wardo shares some tips and tricks that will help your feet, ankles, and knees, and save you money by avoiding expensive insoles you may not even need.

EP 401: Elk Vocalizations & Elk Behavior with Chris Roe (Repost)

On this episode, Adam is joined by Chris Roe of Roe Hunting Resources (RHR) to discuss elk behavior, elk calling, scouting and hunting strategies, and hunting tough country. If you’ve got an elk hunt planned

EP 392: Going Deep On Active Insulation with John Barklow

In this episode, John Barklow joins Adam for an in-depth, educational discussion on one of the most important pieces in your apparel system, the active insulation layer.

EP 296: Stone’s Sheep Hunt Hot Wash

On this episode, Janke and Wardo share lessons, highlights, and lowlights from their recent sheep hunt. From gear to skills and mindset, there’s something for everyone in this episode.

Caping 101, by Ray Wiens

One of the biggest challenges for many hunters is dealing with the skinning and preservation of capes, especially on an extended backcountry hunt. We are more often than not required to go the extra mile

Lessons of a Novice Blacktail Hunter, By Nolan Osborne

Hunting, as with any passion in life, can be fickle. No matter our accolades, there will always exist a nemesis, of one kind or another. For myself, and likely a few others that call coastal

Talk is Sheep – Wild Sheep Society of BC

WSSBC’s Communication Committee sits down with Provincial Wild Sheep and Mountain Goat Specialist Bill Jex to talk about horn aging and an update on a WSSBC supported Stone Sheep Project in the Cassiars.