Mountain Solitaire, By Alexander Pirouz-Schlutter

The temperature had dropped and there was a layer of frost coating the top of the bag. I crawled out under my bivy tarp and stepped into the night, struck by the magical mountain scene before me. The full moon was shining over an ocean of clouds. Mountain peaks emerging through the gleaming white clouds like hundreds of little islands.

Ireland’s Sika Stags, By John Tooher

It’s early September and the deer hunting season has just opened in Ireland. I eagerly await to be joined by my hunting colleagues at the entrance to the forest. Light coloured fumes from the Landrover Defender are billowing into the night sky. In the distance, I hear the faint whistle of a Sika stag.

EP195: Sweet Success

Nolan sits down with Dr. Matt Ward once again. After a disappointing elk hunt last fall — Beyond The Kill Elk Series 1-3 — Wardo shares his heartbreak and the success of his first spring black bear season.

EP194: AZ Archery Bears, With Brady Cervantes

Adam sits down with Brady Cervantes. Brady “Totanka” is a USMC Scout Sniper Veteran, Bull Rider, and Hunting Guide for Big Chino Outfitters in Arizona. While the conversation spans a variety of topics, bow hunting black bears is the core of the conversation.

EP193: The Most Dangerous Game with Jack Carr

Adam sits down once again with Author Jack Carr. While the focus of the discussion is around his most recent novel, Savage Son, they cover previous books in the Reece series and dive into all things hunting.

The Ultimate Mixed Bag, By Alexander Sharif

Cover and water and Chukars are found in deep canyons and mountainsides but where valley bottoms flatten into rich grasslands, the leg-weary hunter’s game eye switches to California quail, Ring-necked Pheasants and Hungarian Partridge. Just when the tired hunter seeks the shade of willows or spruce trees, they may flush Ruffed and Blue Grouse.

EP192: Guru Behind the Glass, with Nick Trehearne

Nolan sits down with photographer and mountain hunting guru Nick Trehearne. While Nick is usually the sort to quietly let his work speak for itself, his prowess behind the glass – both camera and rifle – more than speaks for itself.

The Best Step-ups You’re not Doing Pt II, By Todd Bumgardner

In part one of this series, I outlined what High-Intensity Continuous (HICT) step-ups are, why they’re important for hunters, and how to do them. We’ll use part two to talk in-depth about performing sets of HICT step-ups and how to fit them into a hunt fitness training program. 

EP191: Navigating International Hunting Pt II, with Bryan Martin

Nolan sits down with Bryan Martin of Asian Mountain Outfitters for the second part of their conversation. Bryan is a wealth of knowledge on all things mountain hunting and this episode covers cartridge selection, rifles, shooting, and optics systems for international mountain hunting.

Alpine Elk, by Dominic Corsini

I’ve heard there are different types of “fun” people can experience. It was the third form of fun that a wilderness elk hunt in the Colorado Rockies provided last fall. Upon reflection, I must attest that it was the most difficult, yet most fun hunt I could ever ask for.