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In-Season, Block 4, Day 5

Today’s workout is simple. Hit some heavy barbell, accumulate a bit of volume on the entire body and rest up for the weekend. If you’ve been following along, you know that the program is intended

In-Season, Block 4, Day 4

Today we are focused on recovery. You can use any recovery modality you like. Walking is free and accessible to everyone. Getting extra steps in is always a benefit and the improvements in health are

In-Season, Block 4, Day 3

Today’s training is meant to be challenging. Find something difficult and get after it. The best case is the lightweight ruck on difficult terrain. But, running is a great stand-in for not being able to

In-Season, Block 4, Day 2

Front squats are on the menu today. Keeping a relatively high intensity is still very valuable in this block of training, so let yourself get after it a bit. Keep it strong and steady on

In-Season, Block 4, Day 1

Rest Day. I’ve had a few people message me on Instagram to share their experiences. I’d love to hear from more of you. If you’ve been following the program and have hunts coming up or

In-Season, Block 3, Day 7

Sundays are test-day. Your goal today is to explore your limits. Full pack weight and look for terrain that will be at least as challenging as anything you might face in the back country. No

In-Season, Block 3, Day 6

The In-season training is structured to mimic what a weekend hunt might look like. Today isn’t a hard day, but it does have you working with your full pack weight. Pick easier terrain for this

In-Season, Block 3, Day 5

Friday is our second gym day in the week. As usual, we start with some restoration work then hit a short workout that is focused on maintenance. Today, the pull-up is our main lift. Take

In-Season, Block 3, Day 4

Thursday is a light recovery day or a rest day. If you’re close to the trails, then get out and enjoy something easy; just get the blood flowing. If you’re not then a short walk

In-Season, Block 3, Day 3

Wednesdays are a chance to push yourself on the trails. Keep the pack light and test your endurance and athleticism. If you can’t get to the trails then hit a high-intensity interval run to keep