A Rookie Elk Hunter’s First Season, By Blake Brown

After passing the frigid October night listening to the sounds of ice forming and moving in the creek bed, we awoke just after four AM, quickly breakfasted and donned our packs for a 1800ft climb. We ascended the majority of the way under cover of pines, only exposing ourselves in the treeless creek in the faintest glow of pre-dawn sunlight for the final, steepest portion of the ascent.

Pack Dump: Late Season Gear List

The key to making these hunts as enjoyable as possible is through moisture management — achieved by understanding and applying base layers. Dry = Warm, Wet = Frozen, the faster you understand this the happier you are, pretty simple in theory. 

EP174: The Contemplative Edge with Kent Osborne

In this episode, Nolan sits down with Kent Osborne, a lifelong sports psychology and executive performance coach, to discuss the mental side of mountain hunting and the impact of visualization and meditation.

EP173 – EatWild Swapcast “Guide To Missing Deer”

On this “swapcast”, Nolan is invited to sit down with Dylan Eyers of the EatWild Podcast, Website, and app, as well as Chef/Restauranteur Mark Perrier to discuss missing game. They walk through the various causes of a miss, and what you can do help prepare yourself so it doesn’t keep happening, as well as some discussion surrounding long range and its application to mountain hunting.

EP172: A Year in Review

On this Episode, Adam & Nolan talk through their hunting year. The highs and lows, as well as some highlight pieces of gear that stood out for them in 2019.

In The Rearview

2019 marked the fifth year for The Journal of Mountain Hunting, and it was certainly a memorable one. Since it’s humble beginnings, the Journal has grown and changed but the content has largely stayed the same — centred around a deep-rooted passion for mountains and mountain hunting.

Once They Were Numerous, By Mark Trousdell

Located within the Central Cariboo Region of British Columbia, Canada, at the confluence of the Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers, the Junction Sheep Range Provincial Park (Junction Park) consists of a diverse landscape, rolling grasslands, river valleys, forests, cliffs and hoodoos.

The 6.5 PRC – Revisited, By Nolan Osborne

Now to some, comparing it to the 270 Winchester may sound slanderous, and it’s certainly not a calibre that generates much excitement these days, but the truth is it’s effective.

Backcountry Backpacks 101, By Nolan Osborne

As with every other facet of the hunting world, when it comes to packs the market is grossly oversaturated. There is no shortage of companies manufacturing backpacks for hunters these days, and it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

EP171: Campfire Conversations – Live Podcast

Nolan sits down with Dr. Peregrine L. Wolff, DVM,  MLA Mike Morris, and Kyle Stelter for a live recording at 1Campfire’s “Campfire Conversations” event in Victoria, B.C.