Lessons of a Novice Blacktail Hunter, By Nolan Osborne

Hunting, as with any passion in life, can be fickle. No matter our accolades, there will always exist a nemesis, of one kind or another. For myself, and likely a few others that call coastal British Columbia home, this nemesis is the Blacktail Deer

EP 204: A Master Class In Clothing Systems with Rick Elder of BEYOND CLOTHING

On this episode, Adam catches up with Rick Elder, CEO of Beyond Clothing, a company that Adam’s had the good fortune of working with for a few years now.

Hunting Urials in the Land of the Lion and the Sun pt II, by Dr. Afshin Mofid

Five years later, as soon as the ban was lifted, it was time for a second shot! This time around, Mr. Mostofi had secured a permit for another mountain range much further to the Northeast within three hours drive from the city of Mashhad. This area is world-famous amongst sheep hunters for producing some of the largest horns in the past 25 years.

Hunting Urials in the Land of the Lion and the Sun pt I, by Dr. Afshin Mofid

I still remember the day I saw the picture. It was in an old copy of a hunting magazine. I was 12, and the instant I saw it, I was fascinated by the curve of the ram’s horn. There was Mr. Riahi, the head of the Iranian game department posing next to a giant Urial ram.

EP 203: Slinging Lead (and Bourbon) with Colton Bagnoli

On this episode, Adam visits with Colton Bagnoli aka “Pap Winkle” on IG, which should tell you all you need to know about his tastes in whiskey. Colton is a writer for Western Hunter, experienced rifleman and lawman, custom gunsmith extraordinaire, and all-around great dude.

In the Beginning: Kodiak Pt II, by Adam A. Smith

Day Five: Moving Day That night we slept PHENOMENALLY. We woke up just before 0900 the next day. We had zero inclination (initially) on going up the hill until the following day. We had planned

EP 202: A Bear Named Chevron, with Ben Stourac

  On this episode, Nolan sits once again with Ben Stourac, sheep guide, owner, and outfitter of Arcadia Outfitting. Ben is always a welcome guest on the show, and this time he shares the story

Home at Last, By Alexander Sharif

The story of a magnificent Transcaspian Urial ram, which despite many twists and turns, finally came home after 50 years in exile!

In the Beginning: Kodiak, by Adam A. Smith

The following is the story of how mountain hunting became my passion. My first backcountry hunt, and many lessons learned. I stumbled upon this story which I wrote years ago and thought in the midst

EP 201: Lightweight Reliability, with Adam Smith

On this episode, Nolan sits down with Adam Smith, AK resident, dedicated backcountry hunter, and good friend. The discussion is focused on Adam’s experiences and experimentation with lightweight — but dependable — systems for BC,