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If Lawmakers Could Get Behind These Conservation Basics, We’d All Win, By Kristyn Brady

Editor’s Note: The following is a recap of the TRCP‘s 14th annual Western Media Summit, hosted in Fort Collins, Colo., from June 22 to 24 where the discussions and panel stressed the value of growing

Becoming A Hunting Photographer – 8 Tips to Improve your Field Photography, By Tony Bynum

Over the centuries, our hunting stories have been painted and scribed into rocks, shared around campfires with family and friends, written in journals and magazines, and more recently photographed and shared around the world via

Stepping Back – Reflections on Going Trad, By James Dorrett

In recent years traditional bowhunting has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance. It seems that in this day and age in order to take our passion forward many of us decide to step back,

When Tension Is A Beautiful Thing, By Dr. Michael Hartle, Chief SFL

No, this isn’t a psychology lesson on stress. I am neither discussing different types of headaches, nor the strength properties of a barbell and its ability to resist bending and becoming permanently deformed. I am

Gaining Weight The Right Way

While a lot of folks are concerned about dropping pounds, some of us might actually want to put on some weight; preferably lean muscle mass. Gaining weight (the kind you want) can be challenging. You

Find Your Crucible

One of the first topics we ever covered in the Mountain Fitness column was mental fitness. As we quoted in that original article we firmly believe that the mind is primary, an ethos and training

The Opening Of The USSR, By Chris R. Klineburger

Hungarian born Guy Jonas, founder of the taxidermy studio that we took over, Jonas Brothers of Seattle, once stated, “If ever the Soviet Union opens its doors to hunting, it will be the world’s greatest

You Call That A Knife?

If you read your history you’ll know that every trapper, explorer, prospector and frontiersman (or woman) almost always carried two pieces of kit: an axe and a belt knife. Across the Northern Hemisphere it was

Episode 18: Scotch Tasting & Deer Stalking with Byron and Darryl Pace

On this episode, Adam welcomes Byron and Darryl Pace on to the show. The Pace Bros. are the co-founders of Pace Productions UK and the hosts of Into the Wilderness, a phenomenal show they produce

Episode 17: Setting the Camo World on Fire with Kendall Card

On this episode, Adam welcomes Kendall Card on to the show. Kendall is most notably the co-founder of Camofire.com and BlackOvis.com, two of the most popular online retailers in the hunting business today. Kendall shares