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Primitive Bowhunting Lessons: Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Bows and Arrows, By Dr. Ed Ashby

Editor’s Note: The Ashby reports are graciously compiled and published free of charge by the folks at Alaska Bowhunting Supply and are readily available to anyone that visits their website. These reports are a wealth

Chaos Theory, By Adam Janke

Let’s start with a hypothetical case study to illustrate the importance of this month’s subject matter… It’s the third week of September. The elk rut is in full swing. As dawn breaks you and your

Walking the Walk – Heather’s Alaskan Caribou Hunt

Editors Note: If you had any doubts about Heather’s commitment to hunting and the hunting community, this story should solidify her status as “one of us”. In lieu of Heather’s usual Forage submission we asked

The Beyond the Kill Book List

Over the past few months we’ve received countless requests for a list of the books that have been recommended by our guests on the BTK.FM podcast to date. Well you ask we answer! We (finally)

The Mountain Man, by Byron Pace

In search of the understated mountain rhebuck, Byron Pace is back in the Winterberg Mountains It’s the smells that get me most and drag me back in a flash of vividness. Sometimes I don’t even

Episode 22: Rise Of The Hunter Athlete

On this “in-betweenisode” Adam switches it up and goes solo on a topic he is deeply passionate about: the concept of the HUNTER-ATHLETE. If you’re wondering what it means to be “born to hunt” THIS

Episode 21: Unlocking the Mysteries at “The Ranch” with Ryan Holm of Mystery Ranch Backpacks

On Episode 21 of Beyond the Kill.FM Adam is joined by Ryan Holm, Marketing Manager at Mystery Ranch for a behind the scenes look into “The Ranch” and how a longstanding commitment to building packs

Earning It – Part 2, By Zach Benedict

Looking down, we saw where something had slid, leaving a trail of red in the middle. I stepped a few yards sideways to look downhill through the trees. I ended up standing in a deer

Stone Cold, by Luke Ramousch

Some days tend to just drag on longer than others. I sure was having one of those days in late September 2015. I was at work and it was the last day before my solo

The Future of the Bighorn By Adam Janke, JOMH Editor in Chief

The bighorn sheep holds a special place in the global psyche. People travel from all over the world to places like Banff, Jasper, the Greater Yellowstone Area and the mountains of the Southwestern US and