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The Death of a Tyrant, By Paul C. Fast

I don’t like it when hunters give names to the animals they pursue. The Fireball Bull. The Fenceline Buck. Steve. It implies a familiarity and a routine that doesn’t do justice to the wildness of

Almost, By Erik Kline

“Make sure you pick your weather; nothing’s worse than getting all the way in there and being stuck in the tent for a week.” Those words kept echoing in my mind as the lightning lit

Mountain Hunt Preparation, By Joseph Peter

It goes without saying that a little goes a long way when it comes to preparing for a hunt, especially a mountain hunt where your gear and fitness can have a significant impact on your

Lead Bullets: Hunting for Clarity in a Controversy, By Mike McTee

Tanner and I descended into an alpine bowl after a group of white-tailed deer hidden just below treeline. He skirted around the bottom of the timber, hoping to get a shot. Instead, he bumped a

Pimping Your Boots for Winter, By Joseph Peter

Spring is well on its way down here in the South, and we prepare for the flush of freezer-filler yearlings and blonde bull tahr. For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, snow is starting to

The Cycle, By Robert Kröger

Life is a series of challenges. As hunters, we often purposefully place challenges in our path to understand what it will necessitate to overcome them. Challenges are fraught with risk, but likely the greatest risk

Bowhunting Outside Your Comfort Zone, By Clint Casper

The yips and barks echoed down through the canyon like music to my ears. After six days of trudging up and over the thickest, nastiest country that New Mexico had to offer I was finally

Appalachian Whitetail Hunting Part 2: Tactics For Taking a Mountain Monster, By Beau Martonik

As I sit here sipping on a hot cup of coffee, I am reflecting back on what has been the most memorable Appalachian whitetail bowhunting season to date. Every year, us whitetail hunters can’t wait

Short Stories About Sagamore Hill Award Winners, By Hanspeter Giger

Sagamore Hill Award-winning trophies are broadly represented throughout this book. After all, the award was originally given for the highest-scoring antlers, horns, or skull of a given species recorded under the Boone and Crockett Club’s

Contrasts, By Glenn Owings

It’s 95 degrees, the air is thick, and I’m hoping I can make it to the restroom before I pass out. Tunnel vision sets in as I navigate a busy courtyard in the drab concrete