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Episode 15: Priceless Peace of Mind with Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue

On this episode, Adam welcomes Dan Richards on to the show. Dan is the founder and CEO of Global Rescue a company every adventurous mountain and wilderness hunter needs to know about. For over a

Episode 14: Leaning Forward with Tim Pask

On this episode, Adam welcomes Tim Pask on to the show. Tim has lived one hell of a life outdoors and he brings an incredible attitude and perspective on fishing, hunting and life in general

The Pursuit, by Ryan Clairmont

Best Laid Plans Anyone who has traveled the high peaks in pursuit of Dall sheep knows that a hunt of this magnitude brings with it extreme highs and extreme lows. The physical beating and emotional

Romancing the Ram, By Vern Peters

Part I: The Sheep Hunter’s Dilemma It was decision time. The four of us were hunkered down behind weathered, black boulders on a windy ridge gazing into a shallow basin with a small rivulet meandering

Beyond the Glass

You can’t easily see the difference between a $500 riflescope and a $2500 model. But ultimately, you’ll see the difference. At most of the annual hunting and shooting shows attended by high-end manufacturers exhibiting their

What’s In The Pack, By Adam Foss

As backpack bowhunters, our obsession with gear will always border on fanatical. Whether packing for the hunt of a lifetime or just a weekend trip, being prepared can make the difference between cutting a tag

So You Still Wanna Look Good Naked Eh?

In the first installment of this discussion on “pure” strength training versus a hypertrophy based approach we dug in on the qualitative differences between the two approaches. In Part 2 here, we’re going to dive

Why Am I Always Sore?

One question I get from my very active nutrition clients all the time is, “Why do I always feel sore?” Now, if you ask a physical therapist, they might recommend working on your biomechanics. If

Paying It Forward

Each individual hunter has his or her reasons for going afield every year, none better than the other. I’ll admit, for years I wouldn’t have agreed with that statement. I hid behind the “meat hunter”

The Red Deer of New Zealand

If you have always dreamed of shooting a 500-inch red stag with double drop tines and 20 points a side, this is probably not the article for you. If you want a real hunting adventure