On this episode, Adam welcomes Kendall Card on to the show. Kendall is most notably the co-founder of Camofire.com and BlackOvis.com, two of the most popular online retailers in the hunting business today.

Kendall shares his background and the founding story behind Camofire and Black Ovis giving us an incredible look at the grit, perseverance and sheer boldness that it takes to be successful in business, life and hunting. It’s an amazing interview about mindset as much as it is about hunting or the hunting business.

Adam and Kendall discuss the life lessons earned and learned in the mountains and how dealing with those trials and hardships often apply to business and our daily lives. Kendall is without question one of the more interesting guests on the show to date and his perspective on life, hunting and business is not to be missed!

Web: www.camofire.com
Web: www.blackovis.com
Instagram: @camofire
Instagram: @blackovis

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Posted by JOMH Editor