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Putting in the Work, By James Dorrett

All Photos Credit Steven Drake & Annuli Collective How bad do you want it? It’s time to get down and dirty, and not rely on the horseshoes crammed up your ass. Spring is upon us,

There and Back Again, By James Dorrett

Feature Image Photo Credit Cedar & Sagebrush “Hey Tim, how much do you think it rained today?” As I looked at Tim, he thought for a moment and then in typical dry Kiwi fashion answered:

Tuning Arrows, By James Dorrett

With any animal and any scenario, every single hunter knows that shot placement is everything; but, just because you’re pin wheeling the target every shot doesn’t mean that you actually have perfect arrow flight. In

Stepping Back – Reflections on Going Trad, By James Dorrett

In recent years traditional bowhunting has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance. It seems that in this day and age in order to take our passion forward many of us decide to step back,

Sticks and Stones, by James Dorrett

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the mountain will never beat me. 3:45 a.m. came early on that breezy, warm July morning. It was two days before the season opener and after a

So You Wanna Hunt Goats? By James Dorrett

“Sheep hunting is without question one of the most physically and mentally demanding hunting experiences available to the mountain hunter.” This quote from Dustin Roe’s So You Wanna Hunt Sheep Article in the August 2014

King Of The Crags, By James Dorrett

JAMES’ BC BILLY OFFICIALLY TIED FOR 2ND ALL TIME POPE AND YOUNG Shards of ice began to rain from above, followed by thunder. Within seconds my heart sank as I watched rocks tumble downward across