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Episode 7: Eye-Opening African Insights and Worldwide Adventures

In Episode 7 Adam welcomes Jack Atcheson Jr. to the podcast. The Atcheson family has decades of global experience travelling, planning and booking top-notch hunts for their clients. To date they have planned more than

Episode 6: Building Strength and Endurance For The Backcountry

In Episode 6 of the Beyond The Kill podcast Adam introduces the team and concepts behind the latest project from the JOMH, their new online training and fitness platform www.MTNSTRONG.com. The concept that is MTNSTRONG

Share Bowhunting, By Cam Foss

“Bow bullet go right through?” Sanjar, my friend and guide, whispered while we watched the big sweeping horned billie stumble off his rocky throne, across the snow into the cliffs. Sanjar always referred to arrows

A Glacier Dall Sheep Hunt, By Blake Rothschild

It was finally go time! August 22nd was here and things were lining up perfectly. I got out of work a few hours early to make the drive and Dale was already there. I was

Spotting Sheep, by Dustin Roe

What is the most important piece of equipment in your pack? Arguably, it would be your gun or bow, right? But, if we look deeper, beyond the act of killing, it’s your optics. Mountain hunts

Light Transmission, by Tom Bulloch

One of the least understood, most abused topics in riflescopes is “light transmission.” The truth is quite, well… enlightening. But let’s start with a short story from a number of years ago… It was a

Get the F@#K Outside

It happens every year but it still pisses us off. Riding the resolution wave, a higher than average number of hunting fitness posts have been popping up on the web and social media over the

Dry It, You’ll Like It! By Heather Kelly

When I first got into dehydrating my own food, it wasn’t really out of necessity. We were headed out on a 25 day rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and for

The Ultimate Backcountry Tent

I’ve been intrigued by tipi-tents since I first learned about them years ago. I’m an absolute sucker for the stories of exploration and settlement of the North American continent so the concept of a time

Episode 5: Sharing Bowhunting Tips & Adventures With Cam Foss

In Episode 5 of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Cam Foss, one of the most hard-charging mountain hunters in the industry today. Cam was basically born with a bow in his hands so