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Nine Years In the Making, By Joseph Friesen

I always thought sheep hunting was an out-of-reach dream. Traditionally, hunting in my family was about chasing mule deer, elk, and moose. Sheep were an elusive mountain animal that only elite hunters had the audacity and

The 15-Year Bull, By Andrew Schaefer

This story starts with a six-year-old, his dad, and a bagel on an aspen slope. It ends 24 years later with that six-year-old, at the time of this story 30, killing his first elk with

Aging and Field Judging Thin-Horned Rams, By Jared Christon

Whether you’ve sheep hunted before or it’s a brand new venture, you’ll already know that it’s no easy endeavour. A huge amount of work goes into your quest well before you’ve loaded your backpack. You’ve

Field Applicable Shooting Positions by James Eagleman, Gunwerks Director of Shooting Instruction

When that once in a lifetime dream hunt finally comes, you might only get one shot to make your dream come true. There are many factors that can make you miss or make the perfect

On Bowhunting and Fatherhood, By Andrew Schaefer

Finally, at 2 a.m. we put our packs on and began packing out my first bull. We’d spent hours looking for him, then hours butchering, and now finally we had hours of hiking ahead of

Stress Testing

If you’re reading this and headed North of the 60th parallel in the coming weeks I wish you the best of luck. For you, this month’s Mountain Fitness article will hopefully be confirmation of a


It is amazing how alive everything feels in the summer. The days are longer, the plants around us are vibrant and green, wildlife is active, and you find yourself venturing outdoors every chance you get.

Backcountry Mobility – The Mountain Hunter’s Playbook

One of the most overlooked aspects of the physical preparation that goes into mountain hunting is the hunter’s movement quality, both in terms of how they train — a topic we’ve written about extensively in

Into The Isle of Skye Wilderness, By Byron Pace

The smoke drifted casually skyward, dancing and swirling in the breeze as it breached the shelter of the old black-house wall. The gentle smell of ember-cooked meat intensified slowly, feeding the rumble of belly growls

Episode 16: Lessons From the Alaskan Frontier with Cole Kramer

On this episode, Adam welcomes renowned Alaskan Guide Cole Kramer on to the show. Cole is one of the most sought after Alaskan Brown Bear, Mountain Goat and Sheep guides in the business today. In