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Trail Snacks for Your Next Adventure, By Heather Kelly

Having healthy, delicious food on hand makes it easy to pack and go on your next outing, whether a single day or multiday adventure. One snack that I have always enjoyed is nut butter, since

Savoring The Spoils – A Recipe Collection

This past summer, we were busy putting up as much food as we could for the anticipated long winter. Starting in March, we began starting seeds indoors. In April, we were preparing our garden beds

Gaining Weight The Right Way

While a lot of folks are concerned about dropping pounds, some of us might actually want to put on some weight; preferably lean muscle mass. Gaining weight (the kind you want) can be challenging. You

Why Am I Always Sore?

One question I get from my very active nutrition clients all the time is, “Why do I always feel sore?” Now, if you ask a physical therapist, they might recommend working on your biomechanics. If

Fill More Than the Freezer This Year

One thing I love about being involved with the hunting community is the emphasis on acquiring your own food. Hunters understand that their success in the field can either mean packing the freezer to the

Eat Your Damn Liver! Why You Should Haul the Organs Home

I’m pretty notorious for encouraging my nutrition clients to eat weird stuff…like having canned salmon instead of whey protein after a hard workout, drinking bone broth by the gallon, having fermented foods like kombucha and

Dry It, You’ll Like It! By Heather Kelly

When I first got into dehydrating my own food, it wasn’t really out of necessity. We were headed out on a 25 day rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and for

Why Your Diet Sucks, By Heather Kelly

I can hear it now…”My diet doesn’t suck! I eat healthy! I have oatmeal with flax for breakfast, I have a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread at lunch, I have a protein shake after my