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In-Season, Block 1, Day 3

Today is a moderate-intensity ruck day. Using 25% of your pack weight, hike for a 60-90 minutes on difficult terrain. We want to get the heart rate up, challenge the balance and stamina, but not

In-Season, Block 1, Day 2

Tuesdays will be one of two gym days on the schedule for the rest of the season. We will be doing full-body workouts with an emphasis on either the upper or lower body. Every workout

In-Season, Block 1, Day 1

Rest Day. To say we have arrived would be superfluous. But, a journey that began back in February has led us to this point. Many of you have big trips booked with even bigger aspirations

Pre-Season 2, Block 5, Day 7

Big day today. We’ve got full pack weight and a reasonably long duration. For something like this, you should DEFINITELY be fueling throughout and taking your hydration seriously. Aim for 60-80 grams of carbs per

Pre-Season 2, Block 5, Day 6

Get outside and move your body. If it’s not run/walk then bike or go to yoga. It is imperative that you practice some restoration at this stage in the training cycle. 30-60 minutes run/walk at

Pre-Season 2, Block 5, Day 5

Tough workout today. Time-oriented workouts always hit a bit differently because no matter how hard you work, you’re in it for the full duration. This one is going to be spicy so make sure you’re

Pre-Season 2, Block 5, Day 4

Rest Day I’ve had a few people message me directly and I’d love to hear from more of you. If you’re curious about training or just want to talk shop, hit me up on Instagram

Pre-Season 2, Block 5, Day 3

Today’s warm-up might seem a bit odd, but it will hit all the stabilizer muscles of the lower leg and hips. These guys can easily go undertrained but warming them up in a manner like

Pre-Season 2, Block 5, Day 2

Have you been getting these easy sessions in? If you have, leave us a note in the comments and let us know how you feel. These sessions can be instrumental in developing huge levels of

Pre-Season 2, Block 5, Day 1

This is the last week of this training cycle. Many of you are planning to attack a sheep hunt in the coming weeks. As we get into the seasons, it will be vital for you