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Pre-season Training, Block 4, Day 2

Time on our feet is becoming more and more important. Ideally, you’ll be hitting the trails today but a quick easy run will be a fine stand-in. Hike for 60-90 minutes on variable terrain. No

Pre-season Training, Block 4, Day 1

Welcome to week 4 of pre-season training. Week 3 saw us on the trail or on the road 3 times. I hope you’re diligently putting those miles in. Now is the time when we transform

Pre-season Training, Block 3, Day 6

Today we are dialling up the intensity slightly from last week. Load up the pack with a few more pounds and plot a tough trail or start scouting some new areas. 2-3 hours without stopping

Pre-season Training, Block 3, Day 5

Back squat is one of those exercises that is really easy to prescribe but doesn’t necessarily fit with everyone’s program. Though we should all have the ABILITY to perform heavy back squats, we don’t all

Pre-season Training, Block 3, Day 4

You know, I love me an easy run. If running isn’t your jam then swap it for rowing, biking, swimming, or some other form of steady-state cardio. If you’re avoiding running because of an injury,

Pre-season Training, Block 3, Day 3

Wednesday workouts take us outside the sagittal plane. Back country athletes are going to spend the bulk of their time walking and hiking with weight on their back. This takes a tremendous amount of stability

Pre-season Training, Block 3, Day 2

Balancing hard and easy efforts is key to longevity in training. As we get closer to the hunting season, our gym workouts will become much short and more intense – we need to optimize the

Pre-season Training, Block 3, Day 1

Week 3 in our Pre-season training block will have you performing lower reps with heavier loads. Today’s workout of the day utilizes body-weight exercises. Don’t be fooled by these exercises, they are NOT easy just

Pre-season Training, Block 2, Day 6

I hope last week left you feeling strong and bulletproof on our first ruck of the season. This week will include a weight prescription and a slightly longer distance. We’ll begin working towards longer and