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Pre-Season 2, Block 4, Day 7

Ruck, 3-5 hours, unweighted, moderate-high level of difficulty. Today is an excellent opportunity to do some scouting if you’re near where you plan to hunt in the fall. What we want today are miles and

Pre-Season 2, Block 4, Day 6

Running is still very important. The goal here is to run for 30-60 minutes, if that’s difficult for you, then I’d suggest alternating between running and walking. 30-60 minutes run/walk at zone 1 Zone 1

Pre-Season 2, Block 4, Day 4

Rest day. Post in the comments any questions you have about last weeks discussion regarding hydration.

Pre-Season 2, Block 4, Day 5

Simple and effective is all we’re getting from today’s workout. This is pure meat and potatoes and shouldn’t take you more than 30-minutes from start to finish. Near the weekends we’re going to prioritize a

Pre-Season 2, Block 4, Day 3

We are continuing to build on power movements and progress the difficulty. Today will have you doing some single-leg jumps that are a progression from the landings we worked on last week. Hang power cleans

Pre-Season 2, Block 4, Day 2

A lot like yesterday, today is about blood flow and movement. Whatever you do, do something! Preferably, it would be getting outside for a light hike, but a walk around the block or a shorter

Pre-Season 2, Block 4, Day 1

Yesterday’s hard ruck likely has you feeling pretty beat up. Take it easy on the deadlifts today; we only want one or two tough sets to keep the movement fresh. The second piece of today’s

Pre-Season 2, Block 3, Day 7

Two weeks ago we hit a 90-minute ruck at high difficulty with full pack weight. Today our goal is to add another 30-minutes to that. Stay safe and let friends and loved ones know what

Pre-Season 2, Block 3, Day 6

Freshen up, tomorrow is a big day with an aggressive test. Take a light one to pump some blood and gain some recovery and restoration. If you remember from Tuesday’s post, light activity is good

Pre-Season 2, Block 3, Day 5

Call me biased, but I believe the strict press is the king of upper body lifts. Controlling a weight overhead while managing your entire body, from the feet up, is no easy task. The press