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Pre-Season 2, Block 3, Day 4

Rest Day Let’s talk hydration for your longer events. Research has shown that rate of perceived exertion and time to exhausting increase and decrease respectively when athletes are dehydrated. This means that when you’re dehydrated,

Pre-Season 2, Block 3, Day 3

Last week I spoke about the value of doing power training. Rate of force development can be a huge asset in hairy situations. Think about how quickly and forcefully you can react in a given

Pre-Season 2, Block 3, Day 2

Tuesdays are all about getting some blood flow going. Moving the body at a low intensity is fantastic for restoration. Think of it like a fluid flush for your car. Tissues love blood flow and

Pre-Season 2, Block 3, Day 1

I hope you are all starting to realize the benefits of the hard training you have done. Yesterday should have been a good test hitting a longer distance but at a more moderate difficulty. Every

Pre-Season 2, Block 2, Day 7

3-4 hour ruck @ 1/2 pack weight, moderate degree of difficulty Much longer effort today. Remember, we are testing the waters to see where our limits lie. Even if this is much harder than anything

Pre-Season 2, Block 2, Day 6

Today is another recovery day in preparation for tomorrow’s big ruck. Get your training in then focus on preparation for tomorrow. 30-60 minutes run/walk at zone 1 Zone 1 – Very easy with little to

Pre-Season 2, Block 2, Day 4

What are you doing to optimize your recovery and preparation for the weekend? Post your strategies to the comments.

Pre-Season 2, Block 2, Day 3

As discussed last week, power training is a valuable tool for the back country athlete. We discussed rate of force development and its role in injury prevention. Learning to react quickly and create large amounts

Pre-Season 2, Block 2, Day 5

Today’s workout is classic CrossFit. Midline is what we call core training in CrossFit and it is definitely important to train it while under heavy respiratory distress. Having a strong core is fantastic but if

Pre-Season 2, Block 2, Day 2

Hike for 60-90 minutes on variable terrain. No additional load. This is a recovery hike or run so take it nice and easy. This workout is here strictly for maintenance and a bit of recovery.