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Post-season upper body

3 sets: Submax push-ups @22X1 (Scale to achieve 10+ reps per set), no rest AMRAP Body or band rows, Rest 90s 5 sets, continuous movement: 10-15 Curl to press 10-15 Bench dips 20-30 Band pull-a-parts

Pre-Season 2, Block 1, Day 1

Today is day one of our final Pre-Season training period. This cycle will take us through the summer and up to most of the hunts you have planned. One of the questions we’ve been getting

Pre-season Training, Block 3, Day 7

Rest day. I’ve been hammering on the importance of taking rest days since February. The argument from a lot of coaches is that there is no such thing as over-training, only under-recovering. Whether you believe