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Total Body, Foundations 2, Block 2

Total body workouts are the bread and butter of your training. Connecting the upper and lower halves, total body workouts bring function to all of the training you’ve been doing. Although the weights might be

Conditioning, Foundations Block 2

Today we’re continuing to build on our running fitness. If you don’t have the ability to run then perform this workout on a stationary bike or rowing erg. 5-10 minutes walk + 7 sets: 2

Upper Push, Foundations Block 2

Today’s workout focuses on the vertical pressing pattern with accessory exercises that support mobility and stability. Go for some heavy weight on those overhead carries. 3 sets: 3 Right arm kettlebell clean and press 3

Bombproof legs, Foundations Block 2

Today’s workout is heavy on single-leg training that will challenge balance and stability as well as dial-up the core requirements. 3 sets, 30-seconds work, 15-seconds rest: Alternating step-back lunge Alternating side lunge Russian baby-makers Alternating

Rest Day

Self-care is an important part of training. All of the benefits of training are realized in the recovery. It is often said that there is no such thing as over-training, only under-recovering. How seriously are

Upper body pull, Foundations Block 1

Upper body pulling strength is a key component for developing the total athletic package. Squats, deadlifts, and presses will all benefit from an increase in upper body pulling strength. Having a strong back is an

Bombproof legs, Foundations Block 1

Day 2 of our Bombproof Legs progression focuses on the hinge pattern developing powerful legs so you can attack uphills with confidence. The workout ends with a spicy finisher that adds a little volume. Short

Conditioning, Foundations Block 1

Maintaining your aerobic fitness during strength-focused training is crucial for the mountain athlete. These days provide us with a chance to recover from tough gym sessions as well as to work on our fitness as

Upper body push, Foundations Block 1

Upper body strength and endurance is an often overlooked part of developing the complete athletic package. This workout will develop strength as well as stability to ensure your upper body is strong and resilient. 3

Bombproof Legs, Foundations Block 1

The first day in our Bombproof Legs progression. This workout uses staple leg exercises to prepare you for hard and heavy hills. You’ll never shy away from a tough hike again.