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In-Season, Block 2, Day 6

Today is about getting weight on the body. Tomorrow is going to be hard so save your effort. You can do something as simple as walking around the neighbourhood for an hour. The key is

In-Season, Block 2, Day 5

Gym days call for maintenance strength and restoration work. The upper body needs love too and the first part of today’s workout is all about moving the upper body and preparing for a heavy set

In-Season, Block 2, Day 4

Today is a recovery day. You can hit a very light walk or hike or take full rest. Your call. 30-60 minutes walk or hike with no weight, easy terrain OR Rest

In-Season, Block 2, Day 3

Ideally, we’d see you on the trails today. A light ruck with 25% pack weight and challenging terrain. If you’re not close or it’s just not convenient, you can throw down a quick Zone 4

In-Season, Block 2, Day 2

Today is a short and sweet gym session. We start with some restoration work for the lower body; hitting those hips and lower legs, and working on stability. After that, it’s strength maintenance; one heavy

In-Season, Block 2, Day 1

Rest Day Last week was the first week of our In-Season training block. It is endurance-heavy with only two gym sessions. Drop us a comment so that we know how you’re feeling going into whatever

In-Season, Block 1, Day 7

Big day today. You’re going to be testing game-like scenarios. Remember to prepare appropriately with fuel and hydration. If you’re trying something new, do it now instead of on your first trip. Trial new gear,

In-Season, Block 1, Day 6

Today is all about getting some weight on the body. We want two-three hard days over the weekend but shouldn’t be pushing so hard in training that we expose ourselves to injury. One of the

In-Season, Block 1, Day 5

Friday is the second gym day in our program. Like Tuesday, we will be hitting full-body workouts, but Fridays will emphasize upper body strength. Remember that our goal is to move the body and get

In-Season, Block 1, Day 4

Today is a recovery or restoration day. If you have the gas, get out for a light walk or hike. On the trails is best but around the neighbourhood is fine too. If you can’t,