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Pre-Season 2, Block 2, Day 1

Today is a lighter day in the program as we recover from our hard ruck yesterday. If you haven’t tagged us in your FatMap route yet, make sure to get on that! 3 sets, moderate-heavy

Pre-Season 2, Block 1, Day 7

We are stoked to get our community sharing their results and progress. Today’s training will be a HARD ruck at full pack weight. Keep the duration to 90 minutes but this should be a VERY

Pre-Season 2, Block 1, Day 6

Tomorrow we are hitting a tough ruck, keep today light but make sure you do something. Running is your best bet this time of year as there is simply no replacement for time on the

Pre-Season 2, Block 1, Day 5

Our weeks on this training cycle will see a heavy back-load. This is meant to mimic the likely schedule you’ll see in your hunts. You’re going to get 3-5 tough days in a row without

Pre-Season 2, Block 1, Day 4

I’ve talked nearly to exhaustion about the value of rest days in terms of recovery from training but also in their value to future planning. At this stage you should be dialling in your pack,

Pre-Season 2, Block 1, Day 3

Power training is incredibly important for back-country athletes. The ability to save yourself from a slip or fall will depend a lot on how quickly you can apply force. Today’s workout is a great intro

Pre-Season 2, Block 1, Day 2

Today is a light day with the intention of getting some blood flowing and keeping those feet moving. Hike for 60-90 minutes on variable terrain. No additional load. Or 30-60 minutes run/walk at zone 1

Pre-Season, Block 5, Day 7

Rest Day. Next week we’ll begin the second of our Pre-Season training blocks and it will take us all the way to the start of hunting. What did you learn from this last training block?

Pre-Season, Block 5, Day 6

Test day! 2-3 hours, non-stop with full pack weight. This is not just a test to see how far you’ve come but also a test to see what you’re now capable of. Push your limits

Pre-Season, Block 5, Day 5

Back squat is the easiest and most accessible test of leg strength we have. Decades of comparative data and a deep understanding of how to perform the exercise make it an excellent test. Like our