Rest Day

Let’s talk hydration for your longer events.
Research has shown that rate of perceived exertion and time to exhausting increase and decrease respectively when athletes are dehydrated. This means that when you’re dehydrated, you’ll feel like you’re working harder (even though you’re not), and you’ll give up sooner.
What should hydration look like? When you sweat, you are losing more than water, you’re also losing electrolytes. I’m sure you’ve heard of electrolytes, but what exactly are they?
Electrolytes are essential minerals that are responsible for different roles in the body, including conducting nerve impulses, contracting muscles, and regulating hydration and pH balance.
So how much water should you drink, and how much electrolytes should you consume?
First, when you exercise, you lose more water than electrolytes. So, hydrate with water first.
Exercising in the heat can result in a loss of 1-2 litres PER HOUR, depending on the individual. If you’re losing this much water, you must consider taking advantage of an electrolyte supplement during your harder events.
If you’re not adding an electrolyte supplement to your water during these events, you might not absorb that much of it, just leading to more frequent urination and potentiating the likelihood of dehydration.
Using a product like Hydrate and Recover from Wilderness Athlete as per the package description is a great way to ensure that you’re replenishing more than just water.

Posted by Adam Janke

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