On this episode, Adam welcomes Dan Richards on to the show. Dan is the founder and CEO of Global Rescue a company every adventurous mountain and wilderness hunter needs to know about.

For over a decade, Global Rescue has provided unparalleled crisis response and evacuation services to its members worldwide. From minor medical issues to life threatening situations caused by natural disasters Global Rescue has deployed its critical services in over 7,000 missions worldwide since being founded in 2004.

In this episode Adam and Dan dig into the history of the company, Global Rescue’s unparalleled staff and resources and most importantly a few real world case studies that highlight just how valuable the company’s services are in our era of globalization.

You’ll quickly see why the US Ski Team, NASA, National Geographic and those who know trust their lives to Global Rescue.

Website: www.globalrescue.com

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Posted by JOMH Editor