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Episode 10: Why The Message Matters With Adam Foss

This episode brings Adam Foss on to the show. From his early days hunting bighorns in Alberta, to his many trips to the High North and his career at Seacat Creative, Adam has charted a

High Mountain Home, By Kevin Robinson

Oh, the comfort of familiarity. Like the feeling of slipping into a favourite pair of boots, the smell of a familiar old bar or the feeling of settling into the worn out seat of an

Flatlander to Sheep Hunter, By Chad Ingersoll

“Mom? I want to start hunting. Will you help me get a shotgun?” That is how it started. I grew up in a single parent household. It was my mom, my brother and me. My

Judging and Stalking Mature Billies With A Bow

Arrowing record book goats. It’s not as impossible as you’d think and you don’t have to be a ninja of the crags or be able to split arrows like Robin Hood to do it. With

Caught in the Crosshairs – Part 2, By Tom Bulloch

“Sorting through the styles, the choices and the marketing hype to choose an effective hunting reticle.” Last month we looked at the development of the modern riflescope reticle, focal planes, MOA vs. Mil-Radians, and the

The Case For Single-Bevel Broadheads, By Dr. Ed Ashby

Single-Bevel broadheads are not new to the bowhunting scene. Harry Elburg was the first in modern times to manufacture a single-bevel broadhead, and his original Grizzly hit production some three decades ago. But Harry definitely

The Secret to Fitness Success

We’re going to make a confession. Despite having very strong opinions on how to optimally train for mountain hunting, if you’re doing any form of physical training at this point in the year, you’re ahead

The Stories That Inspire Us

  As we outlined in the Beyond the Kill Story Contest announcement, it is a love for and commitment to storytelling that formed the basis of the JOMH. The whole concept of a “journal” is rooted

Eat Your Damn Liver! Why You Should Haul the Organs Home

I’m pretty notorious for encouraging my nutrition clients to eat weird stuff…like having canned salmon instead of whey protein after a hard workout, drinking bone broth by the gallon, having fermented foods like kombucha and

Episode 9: Training To Hunt Like A Navy Seal With Eric Frohardt

This episode Adam welcomes retired Navy SEAL Eric Frohardt on to the show. Eric is now the CEO of StrongFirst, a company widely regarded as the worldwide leader in kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight strength training