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In-Season, Block 7, Day 1

Rest Day We are seeing lots of success stories coming in from our blog followers. Thank you all for sharing those with us! Today you should be resting up and refocussing mentally. Whether you’re back

In-Season, Block 6, Day 7

Sunday is test day. It’s not always easy to know how hard to push these days. Everyone has a different schedule and a different history with training and competing. You can use this day to

In-Season, Block 6, Day 6

Today is like dipping your toes in the pool before you jump in. You want to know how the body will respond to some heavier loads on it so we’re doing an easy route but

In-Season, Block 6, Day 5

Back strength is invaluable for the loads your body will take on tough pack-outs. Knowing that your upper body is strong enough to hike with weight for a long time is crucial to success, both

In-Season, Block 6, Day 4

Today is a restoration day. You can do a light hike or walk or practice some stretching or get a massage. Focus on moving the body and rebuilding. 30-60 minutes walk or hike with no

In-Season, Block 6, Day 3

I want to see some intensity in your training today. We have a lighter day but it should be fast and furious. If you can’t make it to the trails then I have some intervals

In-Season, Block 6, Day 2

Bulgarian split squats might be the best bang-for-your-buck functional exercise. They are low risk, build HUGE levels of lower-body strength, and almost anybody can do them. Today we are hitting sets of 6-8 which is

In-Season, Block 6, Day 1

We are almost into moose and whitetail season here in BC which means that a lot of you will be getting out for more weekend and day hunts. If you’re still hitting week-long adventures then

In-Season, Block 5, Day 7

Test day. Finding your limits in a safe and controlled environment is important. The closer you get to your physical limits the better you will understand that limit. Stay safe but get out there and

In-Season, Block 5, Day 6

If Wednesday was a technique day, then today is a heavy day. The goal is to feel the weight of your back and condition your mind and your body to how that feels. Tomorrow is