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In-Season, Week 9, Day 7

2+ hour ruck with full pack weight, difficult terrain Pick something hard and get after it. Iron sharpens iron.

In-Season, Week 9, Day 6

Today’s heavy pack, easy terrain day is a primer for tomorrow. Keep things to only a moderate level of difficulty. 60-90 min ruck with full pack weight, easy terrain

In-Season, Week 9, Day 5

Today is going to be hard. We’re starting with what I would consider to be one of the most undertrained and undervalued strength exercises in the game. Weighted pull-ups could save your life. If you

In-Season, Week 9, Day 4

On Monday, I asked for a check-in as far as training is going. Today, I’m asking for a check-in as far as preparation goes. Think of me as your accountabil-a-buddy for proper preparation. Do you

In-Season, Week 9, Day 3

Today is about being light and fast. If you’re hitting the trails, then carry a light day pack and ensure there is some jump in your step. If you don’t have time to get out,

In-Season, Week 9, Day 2

Today we are hitting a warm-up that focuses on single-leg balance and strength. This will serve you well for the split squats in the first part of the training. Take your time on this warm-up.

In-Season, Week 9, Day 1

Rest Day. Check-in time. It’s been 8-weeks of in-season programming and training. Managing everything you have going on can be crazy. This program is meant for the dedicated hunter who gets out every weekend and

In-Season, Block 8, Day 7

Today is a big day in the program. This should be the hardest of all the training sessions. A lot of you are out on long weekend trips. Others are scouting cams on shorter day

In-Season, Block 8, Day 6

Today is a moderate-effort training day in the schedule. We’re going to put some heavy weight on the body but the terrain should be easy so that the challenge is held to moderate difficulty. This

In-Season, Block 8, Day 5

Today’s warm-up is focused on pre-hab exercises for the upper body. Like the lower body, we want to make sure we are getting everything moving through a full range of motion and also in all