Beyond the Kill Podcast | Journal of Mountain Hunting

Episode 15: Priceless Peace of Mind with Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue

On this episode, Adam welcomes Dan Richards on to the show. Dan is the founder and CEO of Global Rescue a company every adventurous mountain and wilderness hunter needs to know about. For over a

Episode 14: Leaning Forward with Tim Pask

On this episode, Adam welcomes Tim Pask on to the show. Tim has lived one hell of a life outdoors and he brings an incredible attitude and perspective on fishing, hunting and life in general

Episode 13: Preparation, Precision and Navigation with Caylen Wojcik of Magpul Core

On this episode, Adam welcomes Caylen Wojcik on to the show. Caylen is the Director of Operations for Magpul Core and a USMC (Ret) Scout Sniper. Over the past few years, Magpul Industries’ training division,

Episode 12: Hunting World Class Goats and Grizzlies with Spike Lewis

On this episode of the podcast, Adam sits down for a wide-ranging conversation with Spike Lewis of Bolen Lewis Guide Outfitters. Spike and his partners, the Bolen brothers, have grown Bolen Lewis into one of

Episode 11: Why Hunting Matters in the 21st Century with Kareem Shaya

On this episode of the podcast, Adam sits down for engaging conversation with Kareem Shaya, the founder of a new online venture called Outpost. Outpost is a platform truly built for the 21st century hunter

Episode 10: Why The Message Matters With Adam Foss

This episode brings Adam Foss on to the show. From his early days hunting bighorns in Alberta, to his many trips to the High North and his career at Seacat Creative, Adam has charted a

Episode 9: Training To Hunt Like A Navy Seal With Eric Frohardt

This episode Adam welcomes retired Navy SEAL Eric Frohardt on to the show. Eric is now the CEO of StrongFirst, a company widely regarded as the worldwide leader in kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight strength training

Episode 8: Talking Camo, Company Culture and First Lite’s 2016 Line-Up with Kenton Carruth

In Episode 8 Adam welcomes Kenton Carruth onto the show. Kenton’s one of the most laid back but knowledgeable guys in the apparel business today. He and his business partner Scott Robinson co-founded First Lite

Episode 7: Eye-Opening African Insights and Worldwide Adventures

In Episode 7 Adam welcomes Jack Atcheson Jr. to the podcast. The Atcheson family has decades of global experience travelling, planning and booking top-notch hunts for their clients. To date they have planned more than

Episode 6: Building Strength and Endurance For The Backcountry

In Episode 6 of the Beyond The Kill podcast Adam introduces the team and concepts behind the latest project from the JOMH, their new online training and fitness platform The concept that is MTNSTRONG