On this episode, Adam welcomes Caylen Wojcik on to the show. Caylen is the Director of Operations for Magpul Core and a USMC (Ret) Scout Sniper.

Over the past few years, Magpul Industries’ training division, Magpul Core has begun offering a number of courses catered to the backcountry hunter: precision long range shooting, backcountry preparation and wilderness navigation.

In short, integral skills for the serious or aspiring mountain hunter, taught by an exceptional team of instructors. Caylen and Adam cover all this course material in depth and then dig in on Caylen’s approach to training and preparation for the backcountry.

From the keys to shooting any rifle accurately to terrain association and training programs this is another can’t miss episode.

Magpul Core Website: www.magpulcore.com

Magpul Website: www.magpul.com

Instagram: @magpulcore

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