In Episode 7 Adam welcomes Jack Atcheson Jr. to the podcast. The Atcheson family has decades of global experience travelling, planning and booking top-notch hunts for their clients. To date they have planned more than 30,000 hunts worldwide!

Jack Jr. literally grew up travelling all over North America, Africa, and Asia and brings an incredibly deep and thoughtful perspective to many timely topics in the hunting industry today. We cover the history of the family business, what it was like growing up in the heydays of the North American and African outfitting and professional hunting era and go deep on African hunting and what the hunting industry means for the African people.

This is a podcast every hunter and non-hunter should take the time to listen to. If you think you have a full understanding of what “sport” or “trophy” hunting means for the future of wildlife, their habitat and most importantly the African people then I assure you you’ll be blown away by Jack’s insights.

It’s an incredibly thoughtful and eye opening discussion with someone that speaks from a position of unparalleled experience.

You can find out more about Jack Atcheson & Sons, Inc. at:

NY Times Article:
In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions

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