In Episode 6 of the Beyond The Kill podcast Adam introduces the team and concepts behind the latest project from the JOMH, their new online training and fitness platform

The concept that is MTNSTRONG has been in the works for over a year now and is a training system and philosophy expressly designed for the mountain hunter and extreme backcountry pursuits.

Using methods proven within the competitive weightlifting, special operations, mountain hunting and ultra endurance sectors the programs and online coaching services now available are designed and built to prepare you for the hardest hunts in the toughest conditions on the planet.

This is a highly efficient and effective training system for producing dynamic strength and endurance where it matters most…in the field.

This conversation between the four guys involved in the project provides a high level overview of the training concepts, methods and principles that form the core of MTNSTRONG programming and coaching philosophies.


Instagram: @mtn_strong

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Posted by JOMH Editor