This episode Adam welcomes retired Navy SEAL Eric Frohardt on to the show. Eric is now the CEO of StrongFirst, a company widely regarded as the worldwide leader in kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight strength training techniques. In this episode we dive into the concept of “strength serving a greater purpose”.

Eric and I get into his time in the SEALs, in particular his experience with a variety of training approaches in preparation for deployments and how he came to be exposed to Strong First’s founder Pavel Tsatsouline.

We dig in on why training for long duration endeavors “under load” requires a different training approach than many think and the principles and methods that have made StrongFirst instructors some of the most sought after consultants to the world’s elite military and law enforcement units.

Eric also explains how his experience in the Teams now applies to his training approach for his newfound “civvie” hobby: mountain hunting.

This is a no BS discussion about truly field applicable training techniques with someone that has trained for and survived some of the toughest environments on the planet.

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Posted by JOMH Editor