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EP 327: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Bulletproofing Your Shoulder & Overcoming Archers Shoulder Pain Pt. 3

Wardo dives into shoulder problems. Through this four-part series, he will run through the most common problems seen with the shoulder and ways to test them and fix them. If you have had a chronic

EP144: The State of Manliness in Modern Times with Ryan Michler

On this show, Adam visits with Ryan Michler, the founder of Order of Man and the Iron Council, to discuss how masculinity and the virtues of manliness apply in modern society.

Episode 96: Survival of the Fittest with Christian Schauf

On this show, Adam is joined by Christian Schauf, the founder of Uncharted Supply Co. From his upbringing on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, to hunting the mountains of the West, and a career path

Episode 85: What Makes a Great Hunter?

On this episode, Adam is joined by the full crew of guys that were on the JOMH’s recent late season goat hunt and film expedition. This podcast was recorded part way through the trip and

Episode 83: Being Relentless with Bruce Pettet, President & CEO of Leupold

On this episode, Adam is joined by the President and CEO of Leupold & Stevens Inc., Bruce Pettet. Leupold is one of the most time-tested and proven brands in the hunting and shooting industry and

Episode 82: Telling the Modern Conservation Story with Adam Foss

On this episode, Adam (Janke) is joined by the Fossman himself, Adam Foss. Adam (Foss) was one of the earliest guests we ever featured on the show and a lot has changed since then. He

Episode 81: Hunting Is a Complex and Dynamic Pursuit

On this episode, we feature a group discussion with nine guys, all of whom were at WSF’s Sheep Show last week.

Episode 80: Be Interesting if You Want People to Be Interested with Bill Roden

On this episode, Adam is joined by Bill Roden. Bill is a branding executive in the outdoors industry and a very passionate outdoorsman in the broadest sense possible. He is also an active member of

Episode 79: Inside Backpack Construction with MYSTERY RANCH

On this episode, Adam is joined by Luke Boswell and Ryan Holm from MYSTERY RANCH. Both these guys have been on the show previously, but on this episode we dive into the weeds on pack

Episode 78: Life is a Verb with Eduardo Garcia

On this episode, Adam is joined by Chef Eduardo Garcia. Many of you may have heard of Eduardo via his film, CHARGED: THE EDUARDO GARCIA STORY, released late last year. It is a story of