On this episode, we feature a group discussion with nine guys, all of whom were at WSF’s Sheep Show last week.

We recorded this episode in one of our hotel rooms just before attending the Grand Finale Banquet so, the audio quality is not as high as we would normally produce, but given the size of the group and the microphone system required it’s the best we could do. It’s not bad, but it’s not up to our usual standard.

In addition, this podcast contains some strong and explicit language, so if you often listen to podcasts in the vehicle with your kids, this is not one to do so with. We do apologize if anyone takes offense to the language used, but the topics covered are ones we are all, very obviously, passionate about. At least in some circles (like ours), when you get a group of guys together that feel strongly about a given subject, the language is going to get a little colorful at times. That said, the topics covered are very interesting given the very eclectic group of guys huddled around the microphone.

The group includes a mix of people from all over Canada and the US, some with lots of hunting experience, others with minimal hunting experience and each with different connections to hunting. We dive into all that and more.

What does hunting mean to us on an individual level? How does the act of killing an animal actually feel? How does both the hunting and non-hunting community communicate the reasons we hunt? How do the complexities of conservation fit into the modern media landscape? It’s a wide-ranging conversation, but one that is quite interesting given the people involved.

On that note specifically, the guys present are:

  • Joshua Skenes, a relatively new hunter and world-renowned chef that owns one of the Top 50 restaurants in the world.
  • Matt Martinez, a long-time hunter and modern renaissance man with experience and success in the business, art and photography world.
  • Mike Pedersen and Kelly Molnar from The Rookie Hunter Podcast.
  • Nolan Osborne, mountain hunting guide, JOMH Assistant Editor and our staff millennial.
  • Peter Gutsche, a BC resident who’s been hunting his entire life that’s deeply passionate about mountain hunting and conservation.
  • Matt Comment, past guest, East Coaster, experienced mountain hunter and passionate conservationist.
  • Connor Gabbott, past guest, chef, photographer and dedicated mountain hunter.

Last thing to note, the show starts roughly 15 minutes into the actual conversation and that will be obvious when the episode kicks in. It took the group a bit of time to build their momentum, stop talking over each other and get into an orderly discussion.

We hope that those of you that will listen, that don’t mind some explicit language, will find this conversation as interesting as we did. Since this episode was recorded we’ve all talked individually about how interesting a discussion this was amongst a very eclectic group of hunters with very passionate and varied reasons for choosing to hunt.

Joshua Skenes: @jskenes

Matt Martinez: @peeperbox

Mike Pedersen & Kelly Molnar: @rookie_hunter_podcast

Nolan Osborne: @nmo

Peter Gutsche: @petergutsche

Matt Comment: @mattcomment

Connor Gabbott: @taluscreative

Posted by Adam Janke