On this episode, Adam is joined by Bill Roden. Bill is a branding executive in the outdoors industry and a very passionate outdoorsman in the broadest sense possible. He is also an active member of a whole host of conservation and environmental organizations, including the BHA, RMEF, Pheasants Forever, TRCP, Trout Unlimited, QDMA, and the Sierra Club.

Adam and Bill dive into a broad and lengthy discussion that surrounds the state of marketing, advertising and social media in the hunting industry. How are we representing our community on both an individual and brand level? How do the images and messages we put forth, both literal and figurative, impact our future?

This is obviously a subject we’ve covered before, but Bill has spent his entire career immersed in the marketing and advertising business, so he brings a unique and experienced perspective to bear on this topic. If hunting is to remain relevant in the modern media landscape, this is a topic we cannot ignore. Enjoy!


Posted by Adam Janke