On this episode, Adam is joined by Chef Eduardo Garcia. Many of you may have heard of Eduardo via his film, CHARGED: THE EDUARDO GARCIA STORY, released late last year. It is a story of survival, relationships and living life to the fullest. If you have not seen this film, it is a true must watch.

Eduardo’s story is interesting to say the least. After being electrocuted by 2400 volts of electricity in a freak hunting accident, Eduardo’s life was forever changed. The film is, outwardly, about that unfortunate event but more importantly covers Eduardo’s life journey before and after the accident. From his paradoxically challenging and charmed life leading up to the accident to the unbelievably difficult and inspirational recovery process he had to endure, this is a story that will impact you.

Adam and Eduardo dive into a host of sub-themes covered in the film, and there is no question that this podcast is a heavy and deep exploration of what it means to experience life in the fullest sense, regardless of the cards you are dealt.

Eduardo is also a very avid hunter and outdoorsman in general, on top of being a highly accomplished chef and businessman. He has worked with some of the brands we work with, like Mystery Ranch and Schnee’s, for quite some time. He is a Brand Ambassador for Mystery Ranch and, in my opinion, they couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador to represent their company and our community.

Web: www.chargedfilm.com

Eduardo IG: @chefeduardogarcia

Montana Mex: www.montanamex.com


Posted by Adam Janke