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EP 312: Bulls, Billies and Iced Over Lakes with Wardo

Janke and Wardo debrief on the crew’s recent fly-in trip. Multiple moose encounters, mountain goats, horrible weather, and iced over lake conditions make for some great stories on this episode.

EP 311: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Acute Back Pain Pt. 1

In this episode of Quick and Dirty with Wardo the host starts his four part series on acute back pain. Back pain and disc injuries are the leading cause of disability in North America. Listen weekly as Wardo will give you key tips to get out of pain and then bullet proof your back.

EP 310: Tough Hunts and “Elk Pockets” with Tanner of Frontiersmen Gear

On this episode, Adam visits with Tanner Dannish of Frontiersmen Gear to talk about his recent caribou hunt before the conversation transitions to elk hunting and the strategies and tactics he’s used for consistent success over the years.

EP 309: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Hand Care in the Field

In this episode of Quick and Dirty the host does a quick synopsis of hand care in the field and after a trip. Minimizing aches and pains from back pain to cracks in your hand all has a role in the mental game of mountain hunting, if you can prevent it then you probably should.

EP 308: The Philosopher King of Human Performance – Derek Woodske

Where do we start with Derek? Small town BC born and raised. World class athlete. Elite level human performance coach. Renowned speaker and presenter. Philosopher on all aspects of the human condition…the list could go on.

EP 307: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Maintaining a Solid Immune System

In this episode of Quick and Dirty with Wardo the host talks about maintaining a solid immune system during a season of either long trips or multiple weekend outings. Don’t let your immune slip and shelf you with sickness when it matters most.

EP 306: Black Rifles, Hunting, and Teamwork with Baker Leavitt

On this episode, Adam hosts Baker Leavitt from Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) for a wide ranging conversation that covers everything from hunting tips and adventures, to leadership, teamwork, and an inside look at what makes BRCC such a successful company.

EP 305: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Keeping Your Low Back Healthy

In this episode of Quick and Dirty with Wardo the host dives into keeping your low back healthy during the breaking down of big game animals. Spine saving strategies are key to have in place before going into the back country but hey s&it happens and these tips can keep the rest of your hunt going and not sitting on the sidelines.

EP 304: Consistent Elk Hunting Success with Dylan Eyers

On this episode, Adam’s back in the interviewer’s seat to host Dylan Eyers from EatWild to discuss what it takes to consistently have success hunting elk in BC.

EP 303: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Shoulder Surgery & the End Stage Rehabilitation

In this episode of Quick and Dirty with Wardo the host digs into his recent shoulder surgery and the end stage rehabilitation that got him back to full strength months earlier then normal…rehabilitation is all about feathering the throttle early on and pinning it in the later stages.