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Alpine Elk, by Dominic Corsini

I’ve heard there are different types of “fun” people can experience. It was the third form of fun that a wilderness elk hunt in the Colorado Rockies provided last fall. Upon reflection, I must attest that it was the most difficult, yet most fun hunt I could ever ask for.

The Best Step-ups You’re not Doing Pt I, By Todd Bumgardner

After perusing hunting prep programs and talking to hunters from around the country about how they train in the offseason, I’ve found that there’s one commonly misused tool—the box step-up. I won’t say it’s a total waste of time, but there’s a much better method that will actually make you much fitter for the hunt

EP190: Walking on Clouds with Kendall Card

In this episode, Adam sits down with Kendall Card, of Crispi USA to talk about… you guessed it, boots. This isn’t just a Crispi ad, as they go deep on different aspects of mountain boots, and how to find the one that’s right for YOU.

EP189: Navigating International Hunts with Bryan Martin

Nolan sits down with Bryan Martin of Asian Mountain Outfitters. Bryan is a wealth of knowledge on all things mountain hunting and covers the client guide relationship, expectations, trophy quality, and dealing with international travel.

Alaskan Alces, By David Gutschmidt

The yearly ritual of receiving “unsuccessful” notifications from various states’ draw systems is not something I look forward to, but to a certain level, it is something I have come to expect. This year after receiving the familiar news, my good friend asked if I wanted to join him for a fall moose hunt in Alaska.

EP188: Powerlifter X Philosopher Brandon Lilly

On this episode, Adam’s back as the host to visit with Brandon Lilly to discuss his journey and transformation from being a world renowned powerlifter to the man he is today. From mistakes to mindset and COVID-19 to fatherhood, this one covers a LOT of material.

EP 187: Taming Water with Thor Tingey, CEO of Alpacka Raft

Nolan sits down with Alpacka Raft’s founder and CEO, Thor Tingey. Long-distance overland travel, early days hyperthermia, packraft access chukar hunting…  Thor is a legend in the packrafting community, and from his stories, you can see why.

Slow & Patient, By Andrew Schaefer

As I continue crossing that slope I remind myself to go slow and be patient. I’ll make it across in due time. There was no point in rushing now, I saw the goat lay down and die. I knew the “hunting” portion of the hunt was over. As people sometimes like to say, now the hard part begins.

EP186: Sheep, Goats, and Citizen Science with Bill Jex, RPBio

Nolan sits down with British Columbia’s Wild Sheep & Mountain Goat Specialist, Bill Jex. Bill discusses the provincial sheep and goat lambing app he developed with the WSF & RMGA, as well as updates on herd health and population trends throughout the province.

EP185: Mountain Fitness & Gear Q&A with Dr. Matt Ward

Nolan sits down with Dr. Matt Ward, for a Q&A covering mountain fitness and gear choices. While Matt is a new hunter, he is a chiropractor with a focus on biomechanics and strength and conditioning, as well as an experienced backcountry traveller.