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EPISODE 83: Being Relentless with Bruce Pettet, President & CEO of Leupold

February 9, 2018

On this episode, Adam is joined by the President and CEO of Leupold & Stevens Inc., Bruce Pettet.

Leupold is one of the most time-tested and proven brands in the hunting and shooting industry and on this episode, you’re going to find out exactly why that is the case.

Bruce and Adam discuss the incredible legacy of the brand, what makes the company and its products so special and why, if you’re in the market for optics this year, Leupold should be at the top of your list.


Instagram: @leupoldoptics

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Episode 82: Telling the Modern Conservation Story with Adam Foss

On this episode, Adam (Janke) is joined by the Fossman himself, Adam Foss. Adam (Foss) was one of the earliest guests we ever featured on the show and a lot has changed since then. He has embarked on a new career path and the hunting media landscape has never been more dynamic.

Episode 80: Be Interesting if You Want People to Be Interested with Bill Roden

On this episode, Adam is joined by Bill Roden. Bill is a branding executive in the outdoors industry and a very passionate outdoorsman in the broadest sense possible. He is also an active member of a whole host of conservation and environmental organizations, including the BHA, RMEF, Pheasants Forever, TRCP, Trout Unlimited, QDMA, and the Sierra Club.

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