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EP481: Hard Yards Podcast – Home Care for Shoulders, Low-Back, Knees, and Ankles

Wardo is back with another episode dedicated to helping you manage pain/soreness and keep training. Foam rolling isn’t the end all be all but it can be a great tool to keep you moving with

EP479: Hard Yards Podcast – Does It Burn When You…Hike?

If you start hiking and get a brutal low-back pump or burn, it can derail your training and left unchecked, maybe even ruin your hunt, especially if you’re out there for days on end. Wardo

EP477: Hard Yards Podcast – Shoulder Pain? Gotta Figure Out Whether It’s Mobility or Stability Behind the Pain (Part 2)

The age old question of whether you have a mobility or stability problem. In simple terms, this questions means, should you stretch or strengthen? Well the answer is usually both, but Wardo goes over some

EP475: Hard Yards Podcast – Shoulder Pain? Gotta Figure Out Whether It’s Mobility or Stability Behind the Pain (Part 1)

Wardo goes over two tests for your shoulders and some breakouts to give you a better idea of whether you should stretch that pain away or feed it some iron and tell it to shut

EP473: Hard Yards Podcast – Training In the Heat: Why It Sucks & Why It May Be Worth It

It seems like Spring is no longer a season for us in here BC so we are right into training in the heat. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when training

EP471: Hard Yards Podcast – Your Knee Pain Is Back…Time to Get Stronger

Wardo goes over a few simple drills you can do on a daily basis to get the most out of your knees, train pain free, and get stronger for those long days in the mountains.

EP469: Hard Yards Podcast – Tips For Getting Your Sleep Dialed & Recovering Properly

Wardo goes through a whole host of tips on how to get the best sleep possible so that all that hard work you put into your training actually turns into the results you’re looking for.

EP467: Hard Yards Podcast – Healthy Shoulders = Heavier Draw Weight (Repost)

On this episode, Wardo breaks down some simple tips to improve your mechanics that will not only help you avoid injuries but allow you to draw a heavier weight with your bow. Wardo also throws

EP465: Hard Yards Podcast – Inconsistent Archery and Your Neck (Repost)

Wardo touches on how your upper back and neck can be the cause for inconsistencies when shooting your bow. This episode will help you understand how/why and, give you a couple of quick fixes so

EP463: Hard Yards Podcast – Priming Your Calves For Running – Before You Need To

In BC and other northern climates, we generally aren’t running much over the winter. As spring comes and you get back to running the inevitable calf tightness can range from “Oh that’s tender” to “Holy