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Episode 8: Talking Camo, Company Culture and First Lite’s 2016 Line-Up with Kenton Carruth

In Episode 8 Adam welcomes Kenton Carruth onto the show. Kenton’s one of the most laid back but knowledgeable guys in the apparel business today. He and his business partner Scott Robinson co-founded First Lite

Sticks and Stones, by James Dorrett

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the mountain will never beat me. 3:45 a.m. came early on that breezy, warm July morning. It was two days before the season opener and after a

Ancient Highways, By Bryan S. Judge

Editors Note: Bryan’s submission was originally published in Sports Afield and we would like to thank Bryan and SA for giving us the opportunity to publish his excellent story online. A chill had crept into the August

Go North – Planning An Epic Moose Hunt, By Jared Christon

There are countless things to consider when you start thinking about your first Northern moose hunt. When you start the planning process, there always seems to be no end to the options and questions. Do

Caught in the Crosshairs – Part 1, By Tom Bulloch

Hunting was a lot simpler 30 or 40 years ago. Riflescopes came only in a few basic flavors, and about all we had to worry about was the scope’s magnification range and if it was

Mountain Ready

When it comes to achieving our goals in the great outdoors the training philosophies that have been around for decades if not centuries rule the day. Unless you’re actually bodybuilding for competition purposes consider that

Bear Curry, By Connor Gabbott

When JOMH editor Adam Janke contacted me about submitting a recipe for the Forage section of the February issue a variety of wild game recipes came to mind. Pheasant saltimbocca, venison steak with chimichurri sauce,

Backcountry Stoves & Wood Burning 101, By Kevin Timm

How long will a small wood tent stove burn? How long will the stove keep a tent warm? Because there are so many variables to these questions, it is nearly impossible to provide a concrete

Episode 7: Eye-Opening African Insights and Worldwide Adventures

In Episode 7 Adam welcomes Jack Atcheson Jr. to the podcast. The Atcheson family has decades of global experience travelling, planning and booking top-notch hunts for their clients. To date they have planned more than

Episode 6: Building Strength and Endurance For The Backcountry

In Episode 6 of the Beyond The Kill podcast Adam introduces the team and concepts behind the latest project from the JOMH, their new online training and fitness platform www.MTNSTRONG.com. The concept that is MTNSTRONG