Over the past few months we’ve received countless requests for a list of the books that have been recommended by our guests on the BTK.FM podcast to date. Well you ask we answer!

We (finally) got off our butts and went back through the episodes and compiled all the books each guest has recommended. The books are listed below in order of episode, guest and recommendations with links to purchase in the event you decide to order any one of them.

In our opinion, a true man cave or den isn’t complete without a chair dedicated to sipping whisky and a solid library of adventure inspiring and thought provoking books on the shelves.

The BTK Book List

Episode 4: Becoming a Wilderness Athlete with Mark Paulsen

Episode 5: Bowhunting Tips and Adventures with Cam Foss

Episode 6: Eye-Opening African Insights and Worldwide Adventures with Jack Atcheson Jr.

Episode 10: Why the Message Matters with Adam Foss

Episode 11: Why Hunting Matters in the 21st Century with Kareem Shaya

Episode 13: Preparation, Precision and Navigation with Caylen Wojcik

Episode 14: Leaning Forward with Tim Pask

Episode 15: Priceless Peace of Mind with Dan Richards

Episode 17: Setting the Camo World on Fire with Kendall Card

Episode 18: Scotch Tasting & Deer Stalking with the Pace Brothers

  • Maneaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett (Byron’s recommendation – frankly anything written by Jim Corbett)
  • Frog Tales by Mark D. Holroyd (Darryl’s recommendation)

Episode 20: Trad Bows and Big Bears with James Dorrett

Episode 21: Unlocking the Mysteries at THE RANCH with Ryan Holm


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