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Altitude Sickness, By Ryan Clairmont

Feature Image Photo Credit Dave Anderson Photography Relevance Every year 30 million people find themselves in Resort towns 6500-9800 feet. Tens of thousands of climbers, trekkers, and skiers worldwide ascend to elevations from 9800ft to 18,000ft,

Savoring The Spoils – A Recipe Collection

This past summer, we were busy putting up as much food as we could for the anticipated long winter. Starting in March, we began starting seeds indoors. In April, we were preparing our garden beds

A Tribute To Alexander David Marsh

 By Ian Feir A gentleman and an ambassador to all we love was taken from us far too early just a few weeks ago. Dave Marsh passed away suddenly due to a severe allergic reaction

BC By The Book (Part 1) – An Objective Analysis of BC’s Trophy Class Opportunities, By Adam Janke, Editor in Chief

The Hallowed Ground For many hunters British Columbia represents the premiere North American hunting destination, and for good reason. With an embarrassment of riches in terms of big game species available to hunt and almost

Episode 25: How to Exercise Your Apparel System with John Barklow of SITKA GEAR

On this episode Adam welcomes John Barklow, Category Manager of the Big Game line at SITKA GEAR, on to the show. Adam and John dive into the intricacies of selecting the best apparel system for

Episode 24: The Subscriber Show- Sheep Hunting, Training and Media Debacles

On Episode 24 Adam is joined by one of the JOMH’s earliest subscribers, Matt Comment. Matt is the perfect example of the kind of ambassador the modern hunting movement needs. A committed family man, a

Episode 23: The TRCP and the Future of Conservation with Whit Fosburgh

On Episode 23 of Beyond the Kill.FM Adam is joined by Whit Fosburgh, President and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP). On this episode Whit and Adam cover the history and the incredible

Playing The Hand, by Colin Magee

The ram, full curl is at 110yds and closing. The Rockies’ craggy, broken limestone will push him right to me. Wind? Good. Light? Good. The monarch is at peace and steadily feeds his way towards

The Culmination, by Luke Ramousch

As I looked over all of my carefully laid out hunting gear, I didn’t really know what to make or think of this whole mountain hunting obsession. It was August 2008 when I got my

To Shoot, or Not to Shoot? Field Shooting Positions and Knowing your Limits, By Caylen Wojcik

The ominous, and almost haunting, realization that it’s the last day of the season hangs over your head, as you make one last hike up to your glassing perch with hopes of catching a glimpse