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The DIY Arrow Saw, By James Dorrett

Feature Image Photo Credit Cedar & Sagebrush Buying an arrow saw is easy but mountain hunting is an expensive obsession. Building your own DIY arrow saw is fairly easy to do with minimal equipment and

The 6.5 Creedmoor

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Tuning Arrows, By James Dorrett

With any animal and any scenario, every single hunter knows that shot placement is everything; but, just because you’re pin wheeling the target every shot doesn’t mean that you actually have perfect arrow flight. In

Keeping It Handy – Rangefinder Holster Review, By Nate Simmons

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Beyond the Glass

You can’t easily see the difference between a $500 riflescope and a $2500 model. But ultimately, you’ll see the difference. At most of the annual hunting and shooting shows attended by high-end manufacturers exhibiting their

What’s In The Pack, By Adam Foss

As backpack bowhunters, our obsession with gear will always border on fanatical. Whether packing for the hunt of a lifetime or just a weekend trip, being prepared can make the difference between cutting a tag

Qualifying A Long Range Rifle, By Aaron Davidson, CEO of Gunwerks

Before we start shooting long range, it’s important that we do our research and select the proper platform on which to build our shooting system. There are many different rifles built for many different purposes.

Single Bevel Broadheads Part 2, By Dr. Ed Ashby

Now, let’s look at the single-bevel’s soft-tissue effects. Many seem to place an inordinate amount of importance on size of ‘exit hole in the skin’, with a firm belief that it means more blood ‘on

Caught in the Crosshairs – Part 2, By Tom Bulloch

“Sorting through the styles, the choices and the marketing hype to choose an effective hunting reticle.” Last month we looked at the development of the modern riflescope reticle, focal planes, MOA vs. Mil-Radians, and the

The Case For Single-Bevel Broadheads, By Dr. Ed Ashby

Single-Bevel broadheads are not new to the bowhunting scene. Harry Elburg was the first in modern times to manufacture a single-bevel broadhead, and his original Grizzly hit production some three decades ago. But Harry definitely