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Head To Head – The 6.5 -284 Norma Vs The .300 Win Mag, By Danen Lynn

The 6.5-284 Norma, popular among long range match shooters, has become one of Gunwerks’ favorite long range hunting cartridges. By the end of this article, you’ll be thinking good and hard about making this your

Tools of the Trade: Kettlebells

If you’ve read our Mountain Fitness column with any regularity, it will come as no surprise that we are big fans of the kettlebell (KB). There are few training tools available that can be used

Guest Post by Kurt Racicot: The Science Behind Using A Load Shelf

While there are many different designs and concepts behind loading a pack, they all have one constant in common, the forces of gravity. By exploring the numbers behind how a pack is loaded, we can

Backcountry Bootfitter: Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review

Over the coming months, I’ll be testing and reviewing a variety of footwear options across a variety of uses and terrain under the heading “Backcountry Bootfitter” so if you’re interested in any and all things

Tripod Training – Guest Post By Mark Paulsen, Founder of Wilderness Athlete

My basic philosophy for maintaining a healthy and active life is what I call “Tripod Training”. The three legs of the tripod represent 1) eating as healthy as possible, 2) implementing an appropriate exercise program

To Hunt Or To Kill?

It’s been one hell of a year. My wife and I welcomed our first child, a son, into the world a year ago today and to say it’s been nothing short of the most incredible