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Caught in the Crosshairs – Part 1, By Tom Bulloch

Hunting was a lot simpler 30 or 40 years ago. Riflescopes came only in a few basic flavors, and about all we had to worry about was the scope’s magnification range and if it was

Light Transmission, by Tom Bulloch

One of the least understood, most abused topics in riflescopes is “light transmission.” The truth is quite, well… enlightening. But let’s start with a short story from a number of years ago… It was a

FHF Bino Harness Review

Founded by Paul Lewis, an avid outdoorsman, full-time law enforcement officer and part-time SWAT Team leader FHF stands for Fish, Hunt, Fight. Paul’s harness systems and accessories pull design inspiration from these three segments of


Interview With LifeStraw

When traveling in the backcountry water represents both a savior and a burden. We depend on water to sustain ourselves, yet at the same time it represents extra weight and volume that demands space in

Backcountry Boot Showdown

Over the past year I have been on a long and frustrating search for a new pair of mountain hunting boots. The tried and true Zamberlans I wore for 5 years finally fell apart last

Running Through The Night: A Review Of The First Lite Boundary Stormtight Jacket

Just a few weeks ago, JOMH Field Editor Matt Thompson toed the line at of one of the toughest trail ultramarathons in North America: the Fat Dog 120. The 120 stands for 120 miles, the

First Lite Kanab 2.0s vs Kuiu Attack Pants

For the past several years I’ve depended on the Kuiu Attack pants for virtually all of my backcountry hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. I was convinced there wasn’t a better all-around mountain pant on the

Busting Bone, By Dr. Ed Ashby

The Ashby reports are graciously compiled and published free of charge by the folks at Alaska Bowhunting Supply and are readily available to anyone that visits their website.  These reports are a wealth of knowledge

Tools of the Trade: Initial Thoughts on the Mathews No Cam

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a speed freak. Whether we’re talking cars or calibers I’ve always held the opinion that faster equals better. It was with this bias that I purchased a

Training for Dynamic Environments Part 3

This is an example of what we call a “Bushman” session as it involves minimal equipment other than a set (2) of 20kg kettlebells (KB)s and some outdoor space, ideally with a small hill or