Initiation Of A Bowhunter, By Benjamin Cohen, USMC

My personal bowhunting story is an unconventional one filled with both defeat and success, a story I’m sure many new bowhunters will identify with. I often find myself thinking about why I wanted to start

Release The Hounds, By Ryan Berard, Houndsman & Guide Outfitter

So you’ve seen pictures of big mountain lions and heard stories about chasing a pack of cougar hounds through the mountains and canyons of the west and you think you’d like to try it. Or

An Interview with South Cox, Owner of Stalker Stickbows Leafing through the pages of Traditional Bowhunter, you could easily swap out the dates from today to twenty years ago and not notice an obvious difference between the images and content covered then and

The Dangerous River, Excerpt from Chapter Two – South Nahanni River I overslept and was roused at six by the sun, which was blazing down, as usual, out of a cloudless sky. A little after seven I hit the river and poled on up the

The Turkish Get Up – One Lift To Rule Them All

As noted in The 3 Most Important Lifts for the Hunter article, there are few exercises or lifts that target as many movements and muscle groups in one repetition as the Turkish Get-Up (TGU). In

Beyond The Kill At Sheep Show

As a member of multiple hunter conservationist organizations, I like to consider myself up to date on just how much time, energy and financial resources hunters actually put back into wildlife and their habitats. For

To Hunt Or To Kill?

It’s been one hell of a year. My wife and I welcomed our first child, a son, into the world a year ago today and to say it’s been nothing short of the most incredible

Cannibalism, Op-ed By Editor In Chief Adam Janke

As hunters we face a brave new world each and every year as we ward off various threats to our lifestyle and the wildlife we love to pursue. Habitat loss due to urban sprawl and

The Thunder Rolls – David Marsh’s Stance on Wolves

Out of sight we belly crawled to the top of a four foot snow drift. There, ranged at 200 yards, lay a pack of seven wolves curled up in the snow. We had already eased

Science Behind Keeping Records, By Justin Sprigg Boone and Crockett Club’s records-keeping system dates back to 1949 when a Boone and Crockett Club committee was tasked with developing a scoring method to rank North American trophies. Prior to that, trophies were