In the Beginning: Kodiak, by Adam A. Smith

The following is the story of how mountain hunting became my passion. My first backcountry hunt, and many lessons learned. I stumbled upon this story which I wrote years ago and thought in the midst

EP 201: Lightweight Reliability, with Adam Smith

On this episode, Nolan sits down with Adam Smith, AK resident, dedicated backcountry hunter, and good friend. The discussion is focused on Adam’s experiences and experimentation with lightweight — but dependable — systems for BC,

Five Steps: Better Backpacking Prep, By Todd Bumgardner

Whether you’re cruising ridges for high-country whitetails, or humping mountains for elk, some smart packing prep will have you in great condition to handle whatever situation the hunt throws at you. Below I share five steps to better pack training that will have you prepared for the mountain in the fall.

EP 200: Shoeing Horses, Gear and a Not So Normal Guiding Season

  On this episode, Adam and Nolan get in one last episode before NMO drops off the grid for whatever the 2020 guiding season may bring.   They discuss what the first few days and

EP 199: Guiderite Adventures, with Luke Carrick

Nolan sits down with Luke Carrick of Guiderite Adventures. Luke has a wealth of experience as a backpack hunter and guide in Washington…

EP198: Food for the Backcountry, with Spencer Trippe

Nolan sits down with Spencer Trippe, owner, and founder of Off Grid Food Co. They cover the driving force behind starting the company, what goes into their awesome meals.

Talk is Sheep – Wild Sheep Society of BC

WSSBC’s Communication Committee sits down with Provincial Wild Sheep and Mountain Goat Specialist Bill Jex to talk about horn aging and an update on a WSSBC supported Stone Sheep Project in the Cassiars.

Stone Sheep the Hard Way – Tips on Hunting Low Density Sheep Areas, By Jared Christon

The passion that leads many of us to the most beautiful and remote places in BC and the Yukon is Stone sheep hunting. It takes us miles off the beaten track, far from the nearest road, pickup truck, hot shower, and the easy ways of living that most people have become accustomed to.

EP197: Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance with Pete Muennich

Nolan sits down with Pete Muennich, president and founder of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance. Pete walks through the RMGA’s origin, conservation efforts, and what the future has in store for those beasts the color of winter we love so much.

EP196: Mentorship with Dylan Eyers

Nolan sits down with Dylan Eyers, founder of Eatwild. Dylan has dedicated his life to hunting and foraging, as well as mentoring others, and embodies the “field to table” lifestyle in the truest sense.