A Mixed Bag of Adventure, by Justin Cotton

The wind roared across the alpine lake as my dad carefully loaded his small raft with gear. Nearby, I did the same with my sixteen-foot canoe. Soon we would be paddling down a chain of high-country lakes, heading for a stream that served as the lake’s outlet.

Wound Ballistics: A Bullet’s Life on the Inside, By Mike McTee

When you turn to shooting experts, they often cite personal experience and manufacturer testing. In some cases, they shoot bullets into ballistic gels or similar mediums intended to replicate animal or human tissue. These tests tell the shooter how well their bullet penetrates and retains weight, but ballistic gels lack skin, bone, and organs, all of which influence a bullet’s performance.

EP 259: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Abdominal Bracing

Backcountry low back pain, hip pain? On this episode, Wardo breaks down the importance of abdominal bracing and how to implement it.

EP 258: BC’s Black Bears with Ben Stourac

Nolan sits down with Ben Stourac of Arcadia Outfitting to talk about bear hunting, the struggles of COVID on BC’s outfitters, and some opportunities he has for Canadian clients this spring.

EP 257: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Shoulder Mechanics for Archers

Spring is here, and that means bow hunting black bears for a lot of hunters. Wardo has the goods on how to maintain your shoulder health through your spring shooting and hunting.

EP 256: Frontiersmen Gear: The Art of Knifemaking with Tanner Dannish

Nolan sits down with Tanner Dannish, founder of Frontiersmen Gear, to talk about how he got into the trade — break down everything about the blades he builds.

EP 255: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Strength & Stamina

Wardo discusses strength vs stamina training, and how to integrate both into your programming to improve muscle function and joint health throughout the season.

EP 254: Hunting in the Land of the Midnight Sun, with Dan Minsky

Nolan sits down with a good friend Dan Minsky, playwright and director for the JOMH BTK Elk Films and Wind & The Wolves among others. Dan shares his experience living, and learning about hunting in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut.

EP 253: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, So You Haven’t Been Training?

Winter is the slow season for many of us, and spring/summer hunting is coming on fast. Maybe you’ve been sitting around all winter, or just working on one aspect of your fitness. Worry not, you’ve still got time and Wardo has the goods.

EP 252: What is Sorinex Outdoors? with Bert Sorin

Adam is joined by his good friend and past guest Bert Sorin, the president of Sorinex Exercise Equipment. Bert is a husband, father, former hammer thrower and Scottish Highland Games athlete, and a deeply passionate outdoorsman.