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EP 404: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Hydration…Time To Get Salty

Wardo covers the basic science of hydration and why electrolytes matter and then provides some tips on how to hydrate in the field so you can hunt hard day in and day out, regardless of

EP 402: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Do you pronate? You Better For The Sake Of Your Knees

Wardo shares some tips and tricks that will help your feet, ankles, and knees, and save you money by avoiding expensive insoles you may not even need.

EP 400: Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Dealing with Knee Pain Post-Hunt Part 2

If you’ve ever been unsure of your next steps after fixing an injury, tune in to hear how Wardo plans to keep his knees healthy over the rest of the season now that his knee

EP 398 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Last Minute Archer’s Shoulder Rehab

If you’re scrambling to get ready and are squeezing in a ton of reps before your first hunt, then try these exercises to keep your shoulders happy and avoid overuse injuries or issues so you

EP 396 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Dealing with Knee Pain Post-Hunt

Wardo had some knee pain during his recent sheep hunt but you don’t have to let symptoms or injuries sustained on an early season hunt derail your hunting (and training) for the rest of the

EP 394 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Chronic neck pain? It could be coming from eye dysfunction

Wardo goes over some issues he commonly treats in clinic regarding chronic neck pain and the link to eye dysfunction.

EP 393 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Have Some F&%king Fun Working Out

Wardo gives you a few workouts and some workout parameters to follow so you can keep after it when you’re away from the gym and have very rudimentary equipment!

EP 391 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – How to Recover When You’re Rucking A Lot

Going hard with your workouts is one thing but you have to put equal emphasis on recovering before the big hunt. Listen in for some easy tips to get the most out of your training

EP 389 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – Backcountry Headaches From a Crink In Your Neck…Not Anymore!

If you have suffered from headaches or a neck that makes shoulder checking impossible, it’s usually made worse when you load up a heavy pack and head into the backcountry.

EP 387 Quick and Dirty with Wardo – If Your Hunt Is Just a Few Weeks Away… Performance/Recovery Do’s and Don’ts

In this episode Wardo covers dealing with last minute aches and pains, and how to think about fitness, mobility, nutrition, and recovery in the final weeks leading up to a tough mountain hunt.