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EP 205: Chasing Ghosts and Crying In the Backcountry

On this episode, Adam sits down with Wardo to discuss his recent solo scouting trip into the BC backcountry. After covering 40-plus kilometers (25 miles) in a single day and learning a few things along the way, Wardo may be ready to become a full-time truck hunter…

EP 204: A Master Class In Clothing Systems with Rick Elder of BEYOND CLOTHING

On this episode, Adam catches up with Rick Elder, CEO of Beyond Clothing, a company that Adam’s had the good fortune of working with for a few years now.

EP 203: Slinging Lead (and Bourbon) with Colton Bagnoli

On this episode, Adam visits with Colton Bagnoli aka “Pap Winkle” on IG, which should tell you all you need to know about his tastes in whiskey. Colton is a writer for Western Hunter, experienced rifleman and lawman, custom gunsmith extraordinaire, and all-around great dude.

EP 202: A Bear Named Chevron, with Ben Stourac

  On this episode, Nolan sits once again with Ben Stourac, sheep guide, owner, and outfitter of Arcadia Outfitting. Ben is always a welcome guest on the show, and this time he shares the story

EP 201: Lightweight Reliability, with Adam Smith

On this episode, Nolan sits down with Adam Smith, AK resident, dedicated backcountry hunter, and good friend. The discussion is focused on Adam’s experiences and experimentation with lightweight — but dependable — systems for BC,

EP 200: Shoeing Horses, Gear and a Not So Normal Guiding Season

  On this episode, Adam and Nolan get in one last episode before NMO drops off the grid for whatever the 2020 guiding season may bring.   They discuss what the first few days and

EP 199: Guiderite Adventures, with Luke Carrick

Nolan sits down with Luke Carrick of Guiderite Adventures. Luke has a wealth of experience as a backpack hunter and guide in Washington…

EP198: Food for the Backcountry, with Spencer Trippe

Nolan sits down with Spencer Trippe, owner, and founder of Off Grid Food Co. They cover the driving force behind starting the company, what goes into their awesome meals.

EP197: Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance with Pete Muennich

Nolan sits down with Pete Muennich, president and founder of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance. Pete walks through the RMGA’s origin, conservation efforts, and what the future has in store for those beasts the color of winter we love so much.

EP196: Mentorship with Dylan Eyers

Nolan sits down with Dylan Eyers, founder of Eatwild. Dylan has dedicated his life to hunting and foraging, as well as mentoring others, and embodies the “field to table” lifestyle in the truest sense.